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Dog First Aid Kits

Dog first aid kits List and how they can help your injured dog. Millions of dogs die each year from injuries or illness as oppesed to old age. Have yours ready.

There is no doubt that having a ready pet first aid kit on hand can help to potentially safe the life of your pet.

A lot of dog deaths could be avoided if the dog owner has some knowledge of what should be done and what first aid should be administered.

Items for Dog First Aid Kits

The following are the absolute basics dog first aid kits should contain:

  • Tackle box type waterproof container
  • Strips of clean cloth (makeshift muzzzle and secure bandages)
  • Cotton swabs (clean out wound)
  • Small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting if they have ingested poisonous substances and clean out wounds)
  • Antibacterial ointment (apply to wound)
  • First-aid adhesive tape
  • Sterile gauze pads (3" x 3"; and 2" x 2") and gauze bandage rolls (1" and 2") (used to cover wound and for stopping bleeding)
  • Tweezers (for removing splinters)
  • Scissors
  • Eyewash (flush out contaminants)
  • Dog aspirin
  • Anitdiarrheal medication such as Pet Pectate
  • Gentle sedative like rescue Remedy
  • Gatorade or Pedialyte because injured dogs will not like food
  • Latex gloves
  • Leash
  • Thin rope
  • Splint materials
  • Scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Vet Wrap - (similar to tensor bandages, but water resistant and better for pets)
  • Phone number of your vet, the emergency vet phone number, and poison control

Beyond these basics, you might find that you want to place other items in your dog first aid kit. It will depend on your own personal preference, but these items are going to prove to be essential for protecting your pet when dog symptoms illness or dog hurt occur.

For example, if your pet ends up getting a serious cut, the run the risk of bleeding to death before you can get to them to vet.

Having the gauze on hand is going to allow you to apply a pressure bandage to the wound and help to reduce the amount of bleeding that occurs. This can also help to keep your pet away from an injury that can have more damage done to it, if you ignore it.

Hydrogen peroxide in turn will be important for cleansing a wound. If a splinter or cut occurs, you can rinse it out with peroxide, then apply some antibacterial ointment to help reduce the chances of infection. Then you can cover it with a gauze pad and reduce the risk of having problems as well.

Regional First Aid stuff

Something to keep in mind is that there may be regional demands for first aid kits as well. If you are in an area that has snakes, a snake bite kit could be important.

In turn, areas with pointed brush, porcupines or even cactuses will require that you have tweezers on your hand to remove the prickles that can end up in your pet's skin.

There are plenty options available to you for treating the different accidents that can occur when you are out hiking or just walking your dog in general. Because of this, the dog first aid kit you create is going to be an essential tool to have on hand so they remain safe.

After all, being prepared for anything will help to ensure that your pet remains safe and reduces the risk of a minor medical concern turning into something severe because it is left untreated for too long.

Dog First Aid Course

Another good idea, is to take a a pet first aid course, since dogs have different body shape and are more susceptable to different problems that people.

Some Basic Rules To Help An Injured Canine

  • Stay calm. Getting upset and nervous does no one any good.
  • Examine the hurt canine gently. If you treat them in a rough manner, they are likely to bite because they are hurting an instanct tells them to defend themselves. If you are gentle, they will know you are trying to help them.
  • Make sure they are breathing by checking their chest for movement. If they are not breathing, check for something blocking their airway. If there is an obstruction then remove it.
  • If your canine is bleeding, then apply pressure to the wound to get the bleeding stopped or they can bleedd out and die.

Because of that, if you have a hurt dog, being prepared for the worst could mean the difference between life and death for your pet and you will want to have all the tools on hand that are needed. It may seem like this is exaggeration, but if your dog gets poisoned and you know what to do, then you could save their life.

Just remember that your canine will react differently than a human when injured, and can become scared and confused, leading to some unpredictable behavior.

While many people will consider some of the items they need to be worst case scenarios, you are going to find that when you take your pet out into the wild, or even for a walk in the neighborhood, a hurt dog happens via hundreds of hazards. Dogs are like young kids, and just think about how much trouble, young kids live in!

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