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Take the free choosing dog breed quiz which helps in choosing the right dog by choosing the right dog breed. After you have completed the quiz for choosing dog then look at our dog breed selector page which goes into more detail on the dog breeds that fit your requirements.

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Large And Small Dog

When choosing a dog a lot of people do not know where to begin.

Sure you look and see that cute puppy and think, I would love to have it, without knowing that particular breed is one of the large dog breeds that reach 100 pounds - and you live in an apartment !

So take our choosing dog breed quiz and find out what breed is suitable for the family.

That is why the choosing dog breed quiz is a great way to help in choosing a dog, because so many think they want a particular dog breed, yet do not realize that choosing the right dog breed is an important process so you really understand what canine will fit into your lifestyle.

Does someone in the family suffer from allergies ? Then our list of hypoallergenic dogs will get you on the right track for getting a canine that has the allergy sufferer in mind.

Or even better you can take a look at our non shedding dog breeds which even greater diminishes the chance for triggering an allergic reaction.

Does one or all of the family member like a large dog , or perhaps an extra large dog , for wrestling with ? If you have the room both inside the house and out, the bigger dogs are just great to have around.

Or perhaps you are a city dweller and would prefer a small dog that will have enough room and does not require a lot of exercise ? The medium size dogs range from 22 - 40 pounds so they also are very compatible for city dwellers.

Let's Start The Quiz Shall We !

Great ! You have taken the quiz and what about the results ? Did it help in choosing the right dog breed ? Are you a little surprised by the results ? Don't be, choosing the right dog can surprise you once you gather all the facts about the dog breeds in your comfort zone.

So now let's go and look at all the details around which dog breeds the quiz for choosing dog returned so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right dog.

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