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Our Dog's Favourite Dog Toys...
Cuz Dogs are Family too!  
Welcome To Dogs Are Family

Dogs have Favourite dog toys, and just like kids toys, some of these dog products last and are loved and others fall apart just by looking at them!

Well, I think that dogs are such a great friend with unconditional love that they deserve to be rewarded (they're definitely ALWAYS thankful).

Who is the first to greet you and the last to say goodbye ? Our Beloved Dogs ! Our wet nosed, tail wagging, smiling (yes they smile) four legged friends.  This is why dogs are family!

Nine out of ten pup owners surveyed said they consider their four legged friends a member of the family.

Plain and simple dogs are family.  Just like kids they like dog toys and appreciate the things you do for them.

Below are some of the many informative pages that will help in selecting and raising and keeping our canine friends happy.

I'll start with Dog Toys.  Having tried NUMEROUS different dog toys, there are many that are cheap and don't last.  

Perhaps your dog is a frisbee dog, or you want them to be one, check out my pages on dog toys such as my frisbee page.  Or, perhaps they love balls (what dog doesn't?), find new dog ball ideas.  

We've tried dog toys out so you don't have to.  Save yourself money, and even find new ideas.  Below are a few links to some dog toys or...  Start on this page.  

Toys for Dogs

Great Toys for Dogs

Kong Toy

Great Gift Ideas for your pet

Dog Balls

Recommended Dog Balls!

What about choosing a dog...  if you are just starting out and want to find out the what canine might be best for you and your family, then go look at the best dog breed for families page or try our best dog for me page. Both are great to determine what might be the best dog breed for me or if I live with others, what is the best dog breed for families.

Choosing Dog Breed Quiz

Choosing Dog Breed Quiz

Best Dog for me

Best Dog For Me

Dog Adoption Shelters

Dog Adoption Shelters

Another good resource here at Dogs Are Family is our choosing dog breed quiz where you give answers to simple questions and the database will automatically categorize what dog is best for me.

If you already have a canine or two then go and tell us all about them on ourjoin our family page where you can get your own page of your canine on our website.

But first, please consider dog pet adoption because only 1 out of 10 dogs ever find a home. The rest are stuck in shelters or euthanized. I speak from experience on dog pet adoption as I have adopted many dogs over the years.  Patches is a rescue dog, and our 2 pups father wasn't loved and needed a home.   So take a look at our dog pet adoption to get a better understanding on the logistics behind adopting a new four legged member of the family.

Below are some links to some educational and training articles.  

Free Dog Training

Free Dog Training

Solving your dog Barking (basenjis don't bark!)

Test your dogs IQ!

Here are more popular pages to help you understand your dog better.

Below, you will find some interesting ebooks.  

Dog Owners handbook

Dog Owners Handbook

Adopting a Dog Beginners Book 

Click here to find a collection of dog books 

Book: Flea Bites On Humans

Now you are ready to go to our dog adoption centers that list many dog adoption centers where you can adopt a dog in need of a home.

If a certain pure breed steals your heart, then you can learn about any of your favorite dog breeds via our dog breed selector, ranging from the Affenpinscher all the way through those crazy Yorkshire Terriers we love so much.

We like to think of Dogs Are Family as an open door where you can come and go as you please (much like my youth with six siblings). But promise us one thing - and this we teach to our children and pets - always come back home.

If you have something you think is wrong with your dog then please go and look at our symptoms dog illness to see if there really is a problem.

If you liked this article, please share it on:, StumbleUpon or Digg. Or another favourite website or social media such as Facebook, pintrest or twitter. Or tell your other dog friends! Thank you.

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