Adoption Dog For Free

Beware of someone who wants give you an adoption dog for free or they say a free dog to good home. Just be aware of all that is required raising a dog or they will end up in dog adoption shelters.

When someone offers a free dog to good home, those canines are more likely to be abused or discarded, and less likely to be neutered or spayed because of the cost involved.

Those offering adoption dog for free are of the mindset that "there are more where that came from".

A recent study done by an animal shelter revealed the following about owner surrended dogs:

  • 51% of all owner surrended dogs were bought for less than $100
  • 41% of all dog surrended by their owners had been gotten via free dog to good home

Beware Of The Bunchers And Class B Dealers

A buncher is someone who gathers dogs via the adoption dog for free or free dog to good home approach and when they have acquired enough canines will take them to a Class B Dealer they know of.

A Class B Dealer is licensed by the USDA to sell animals for research that have been acquired from "random sources". The Class B Dealer can receive between $100 - $400 per dog, while the buncher can get paid around $25 per canine.

The Class B Dealer probably already has facilities they can transport the dogs to and get paid.

Who Uses Dogs For Medical Research

I am sorry to say, but some feel there are legitimate reasons why dogs should be used for experimentation. They label it as "animal research" but many reputable labs use animals raised specifically for testing instead of taking those labeled adoption dog for free or free dog to good home.

Good dog adoption shelters or dog adoption centers will screen their applicants who wan to adopt so as to avoid those interested in obtaining the canine for research purposes.

Here are the various types of companies or institutions that use dogs in their "animal research"
  • Most household, cosmetic or chemical product use animals for testing many of which come from bunchers or Class B dealers
  • Veterinary, mdeical and even engineering schols use canines in the classromm and for research
  • Textile manufacturers who produce products for mdeical use demonstrate and test on dogs, many of which are the retired greyhounds

Free Dogs To Good Home Are Used In Training Fighting Dogs

Free dogs to good home or adoption dog for free often are used to train fighting dogs how to kill, with some of them getting their muzzles taped shut so the fighting dog can gain confidence by killing a larger dog.

Collectors Of Dogs Can Do More Harm Than Good

When someone is labeled a "collector" of dogs they look in the newspapers for free dog to good home, and not from dog adoption shelters or dog adoption centers.

These "collectors" feel they are saving the animals when all they are doing is giving those canines false hope, because they eventually acquire so many dogs they are unable to take care of any of them and they end up dying a slow death unless authorities are called in.

Free Dog To Good Home Can Mean A Trip To The Puppy Mills

Another type of dog abuse of free dog to good home are those who get the canines for no cost and end up as breeding stock in a puppy mill somewhere.

Unreputable breeders often forge the papers of those dogs acquired via the adoption dogs for free or free dog to good home route.

Dog adoption shelters and dog adoption centers on the other hand make sure that a canine they release has been spayed or neutered.
While some people who answer the adoption dog for free or free dog to good home are responsible dog owners, many are not.

Here is what can be done to stop this dog abuse:
  • Spay or neuter your pet
  • Do not advertise adoption dog for free or free dog to good home
  • If you can no longer take care of the dog then contact a greed rescue organization so the dog will find a good home
  • Take the extra time and investigate and interview the prospective owner
    • ask for vet references
    • ask for personal references and check them
  • Charge at least $25 to discourage the adoption dog for free or free dog to good home inquiries that end up abusing the dog
  • Call the health department, animal welfare or the police if you suspect that someone is collecting dogs
  • Write your congressmen about cracking down on Class B dealers

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