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Best Dog For Me :
Advice on selecting a new dog

If you found our best dog for me page then that means you are really interested in getting (hopefully another) four legged companion for the family. There is a lot of information dog breeds that you should consider.

First, you need to understand what type of dog is suitable for your family's lifestyle. All dog breeds are wonderful, but some typically do better than others in certain surroundings and age groups. 

Dogs-Are-Family recommends taking our choosing dog breed quiz first to get a feel for what type of personality you and your family have and you might be surprised by the results. 

The dog breed selector quiz will automatically generate some answers to the age old best dog for me question. 

You see, the dog breed selector quiz analyzes your answers to some simple questions and scans it's database which knows a z dog breeds, and then returns in ranked order information dog breeds that would be a good match. 

So now you have some results from the quiz.... Were they what you expected ? It is important to take a good look at what you are looking for in a furry companion so you pick the breed that best fits your family's lifestyle. 

OK. So the quiz has given you a few breeds that might be suited for the family. 

The next step in this process is to check out our dog breed selector online page that provides a lot more detail on most existing dog breeds.

Our dog breed selector online page lists all the major dog breeds alphabetically, so it is easy to view all the pups you want. 

One topic that must be taken into consideration when choosing the best dog for me is if any family members suffer from allergies. 

Don't worry we have listed all the hypoallergenic dogs so you can know ahead of time what breeds cause those itchy noses and runny eyes. 

The "hypo" portion of the word hypoallergenic means "less than normal", which means that the hypoallergenic dog breeds are not completely non allergic, yet they are less likely to cause allergic reactions in some people. 

To avoid the allergens that sometimes are associated with certain dog breeds you should look into Dogs-Are-Family's non shedding dog breeds page. No dog is totally non shed, but our list details the dog breeds that shed less than others to help decide what dog is best for me. Plus non shedding dog breeds are easier to clean up after... not all that dog hair some families dislike, so keep them in mind when searching for the best dog for me. 

If you want to even further lessen your chances of getting a dog that will not harm allergy sufferers then go to our hairless dog breedssection to find out more details and provide a better solution to keeping family members from getting those annoying runny noses. 

How come some people have great, lasting relationships with their canines and others do not enjoy their four legged companions ?

Did you know that 4 out of 10 dogs do not even last one year with their adoptive owners ?

In the book "How We Love The Dogs We Do: How To Find The Dog That Matches Your Personality", Dr. Stanley Coren combines his background in psychology with the input of several dog experts, to create seven new groups of dogs based on canine characteristics.

Dr. Coren then will give you a personality test that when coupled with his new canine classification system will pinpoint the perfect dog that fits your personality.

Still searching for information dog breeds, then go to our best dog breed for families to see if the dog breeds returned from the choosing dog breed quiz, matches what you found were the best dog breed for families. 

Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson for over 40 years have trained 30,000 dogs so they authored "Paws To Consider" to help anyone find the right dog breed for them and their family.

They detail which dog breeds are good for the elderly, children, city dwellers, those with allergies. This user-friendly book is comprehensive on the characteristics of each breed and the proper canine for different lifestyles.

We all have seen the big yet so playful large dogs, extra large dogs , and the not quite as big yet still a good family fit which are the large dogs , followed by those medium sized pups that can live in wide open spaces or tight quarters. Lastly let's not forget the ever adorablesmall doggies that get carried around no matter where the family is headed. 

You will need to find out what the best dog for me is by studying all the various types of dogs. What type of personality are you looking for in your new four legged friend ?

  • Funny Dogs
  • Happy Dogs
  • Sad Dogs
  • Hyper Dogs
  • Mellow Dogs

What size canine are you looking for ?

Or would you prefer to sort out the best dog for me by dog group ?

  • Hound group
  • Working Dog Group
  • Utility Group
  • Toy Group
  • Terrier Group
  • Sporting Group
  • Herding Group
  • Miscellaneous Group

What about a service dog that do wonderful things for many occupations and situations.

  • Watch Dogs
  • Guard Dogs
  • Bomb Dogs
  • Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Police Dogs

Chris Walkowicz, who is the President of the Dog Writer's Association of America, authored this book that is filled with details of 150 of the most popular dog breeds.

Here are some of the topics he covers:

  • Figure out your important pet qualities
  • Help to decide if you are ready for a dog
  • Select and purchase the perfect dog for you
  • Explain the proper care required in raising your new pal
  • Finding a reliable breeder
  • Selecting the right dog for the children
  • Much, much more

Here Are All The Dog Sizes...
So Pick Your What fits your lifestyle

List Of Small Dogs

Our list of small dog breeds page contains a picture of small dog breed for each of the many adorable small dog breeds including those cute toy dog breeds that everyone is carrying around. The list of small dog breeds gives you a chance to see if a small dog breed is the best dog for me. 

Medium Size Dog Breeds

Check out our medium size dog breeds where you will find the dogs that range between 20 and 70 pounds. They are the perfect size for small dwellings, but of course love the large spaces also. 

List Of Large Dog Breeds

So everyone loves a big playful dog of which most of the large dogs 

Extra Large Dog Breeds

You have to go and see our extra large dog breeds because there are so many adorable extra large dog breeds, most of which get along great with kids and families. 

Dog Breed Selector 

Dog Adoption Centers 

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