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This page contains all our dog links where we exchange dog links with our dog friendly websites. Take a look at our best dog for me page to find what canine is best for the family.

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Dogs Gossip

A free website resource about dogs. Need a name for your new puppy. Ever wonder if you are feeding your dog the best dog food? Other topics include dog horoscopes, dog breed info and movies featuring dogs with movie reviews just to mention a few. Check out the amazing and funny things our dogs do through the dog stories, videos and pictures on our interactive site.

Personalized Dog Toy boxes Our personalized wooden toy boxes for dogs offer a fun and stylish way to organize your pet's favorite items. These dog toy boxes are a great gift idea for any pet lover.

Roxie Delux Dog Grooming Salon

The Pug Owner Guide:This site provides in-dept information about Pugs, and the happiness they bring to us with their clown-like antics. Here you will find information about the breed, their health issues, and on general dog care.

Pet Supply Service is a directory of companies or individuals that provide pet sitting and other pet related services. You can search for a pet sitting service simply by entering your zip code.

Raising a dog on a budget page with a few interesting links:

Quick reference guide (pdf) for traveling with your pet.  Open the travel PDF.

Information Canine
This site is to provide you with all the information you will need to know about dogs. There are behavior tips, training tips, health info, breeders, adoption, poison to dogs and dog breed info.

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