Dog Adoption Shelters

Dog adoption shelters and dog adoption centers are located all over the country. Adopt a dog in Illinois or Michigan dog adoption are just a couple

of the many states that have dog adoptions. Remember it is always adopt a shelter dog month.

Dog Shelter

I speak from experience about looking at the dog adoption shelters and dog adoption centers first because I did not adopt a dog from Illinois, I adopted three dogs from great Illinois dog adoption centers.

If it is up to me every month is adopt a shelter dog month. These dog adoption shelters are the lost pet finder in your neighborhood, taking in strays or dogs that others do not want.

So whether you want a small dog adoption or a large dog adoption there are many dog adoption centers that have the right dog for you and your family. Remember that a dog from a shelter is a dog that will love you for life and every month is adopt a shelter dog month.

If you really want a particular breed then find your local humane society who will know of the many breed specific dog adoption centers or dog adoption agencies in your area.

There are three main types of animal shelters so it is important to understand the differences.

Open Access Animal Shelters
Take in all stray animals and are usually county or city shelters so these are the facilities you would want to check first for a pet adoption in order to save a dog's life.

Humane Societies
These are private facilities that are funded.

Foster Groups
Typically volunteer groups that foster from their homes

Let Your Children Understand Dog Adoption

Did you know the following facts about dog shelters ?

  • 25-30% of dogs in shelters are purebred
  • 70-75% are mixed breeds
  • Shelter dogs in dog adoption agencies are not "bad" dogs. They are just victims of family tragedies, irresponsible owners or just unlucky circumstances
  • Many back yard breeders who supply pure bred dogs are selling inbred dogs
  • A mixed dog breed has less inbreeding which means less inherited genetic diseases

Here is a list of dog adoption shelters per state:

Adopt A Dog In Illinois

Chicagoland Dog Rescue
Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation
Central Illinois German Shepherd Rescue
Great Dane Rescue
Help A Pooch Rescue
Midwest Akita Rescue Society
Midwest Greyhound Adoption
Northern Illinois Pug Rescue Adoption, Inc.
Orphans Of The Storm
Pound Dog Rescue
Save Our Setters, Inc. (Illinois Branch Office)

Michigan Dog Adoption

Michigan Samoyed Rescue
Saving Saints Rescue
Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

Dog Adoption Minnesota

Crossroads Animal Shelter

Dog Rescue Wisconsin

Mit Liebe German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Wisconsin Westie Rescue
Chances Animal rescue, Inc.
Internet Miniature Pinscher Services - WI Chapter
American Brittany Rescue, INC
Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Inc.
Rosholt Small Dog Rescue
American Water Spaniel Rescue
Tailwaggers 911

Here is one of the many Canadian dog adoption agencies:
Ontario Canine Rescue

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