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Dog Fun Facts
Did You Know That ...

Learn Dog fun facts including interesting and amazing dog facts, that you might not know about your canine friend.

Dogs have been around for thousands of years, so there are many amazing dog facts. We have picked the most interesting dog facts or dog breed facts that are great to know, so you can share these neat dog facts with your family.

Historical Dog fun facts:

1. Dogs as we know them have descended from a Miacis (weasel looking mammal) that lived in the trees around 40 million years ago. This animal evolved into the Tomarctus which then became the Canis which includes jackals, wolves and dogs.

2. Dogs were self-domesticated and have lived with humans for the past 14 thousand years. Dogs are believed to be domesticated before horses, cattle, cats, sheep or goats.

The Senses Facts:

3. Canines have a much greater sense of smell than humans. The dogs have between 125-300 million cells for smelling compared to a man's 5 million. Bloodhound has the most at 300 million cells -more than any other dog. Dogs sense of smell is so string that in an American court of law the Bloodhound is only animal whose evidence is admissible.

4. When we smell spaghetti for example, we smell the sauce, however they smell all the ingredients, just like when they smell another dog, they smell whether it is a male or female, it's mood, what it ate, where they've been and more. This is sort of like introductions with people ... 'so, how are you today?'

5. It has been noted that some dogs can even smell cancer in people more accurately than state of the art technology or before it can be found by doctors, only by smelling the persons breath. They can even detect when a seizure is going to start in a person.

6. Dogs can hear 4 times the distance as people, which is why they may not like the sound of the vacuum because of high pitched sounds we cannot hear.

7. Dogs can feel emotions and smell your mood. This is why dogs can tell when a person likes dogs and also when a person is afraid of them. It is important for a dog to be in a well adjusted home, just like a child.

8. Dogs do not like the smell of citrus, thus this is why citronella is used as a deterrent in pet training products.

9. Dogs can see the colour blue and yellow, so their whole view on life is shades of blue, yellow, and shades of black, grey and white. Thus blue toys are the best for a dog to see.

10. Dogs have fewer taste buds than people (people have 9000, while dogs have 1700), but their sense of smell is much stronger which is linked to taste.

11. Dogs have sweat glands in their paws.

Strange Behaviour Dog Fun Facts

12. Why do dogs roll in poop or dead animals? Some guesses include that they're pack animals, so the smell will drive the game toward the rest of the pack. (cats are solitary hunters). Another guess is so that they blend in more with their natural environment.

13. Ever wonder why your dog circles in their bed before lying down ? Instinctively they are creating a bed out of long grass.

14. Why do male dogs lift their legs to pee? They lift their leg so that they appear larger.

The Most/ Best…

15. Oldest: The oldest documented age of a dog is a Queensland heeler out of Australia who lived for 29 years and 5 months.

16. Tallest breeds? Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound

17. Top three Smartest dogs in order: Border collie, Poodle and thirdly a Golden Retriever. Sorry Afghan dog lovers but your breed is the let's say on the other end of the spectrum.

Family and Dog fun facts

18. One out of three United States families own at least one dog.

19. A poll taken by the American Animal Hospital Association found that 33% of those who own dogs speak with their dogs or leave a message when they are away. When the Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany died in 1992, she left Gunther III (an Alsatian) $106 million!

20. Estimates have uncovered that 1 million dogs in the states are the primary beneficiary of the will from their owners.

21. If you have high blood pressure, petting your dog will lower your blood pressure.

Dog Breed Facts

22. Dalmations when they are first born do not have any spots but come out pure white!

23. Want to know the 5 most popular breeds in the United States ? Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Beagle and Dachshund.

24. The most popular breed in Canada, USA and Great Britain? Labrador Retriever.

25. The Basenji is a barkless dog.

26. One of the most challenging dog breeds is the Akita.

Culture and Dog fun facts

27. Egyptians honored dogs. When a pet dog died they would mourn for days and shave their eyebrows and smear mud in their hair.

28. It Is illegal to own a dog as a pet in Iran. You can have a dog as a hunting or guard dog though. IT is believed that the Muslim aversion to dogs is perhaps from that fact that many dogs had Rabies in the middle east.

29. In Mayan and Aztec culture, the tenth day is represented by a dog and if you are born under this sign, they believed you would have excellent leadership.

30. China has done a lot of dog breeding over the years, particularly dwarfing and miniaturization.

31. The USA has the first highest dog population in the world, followed by France in second.

32. There are approximately 400 million dogs worldwide.

Other Neat Dog Fun Facts

33. Age: How physically mature is a one year old dog ? - 15 human years (although they age at a different rate than people because a 4 year old dog equivalent to a 60 year old person)

34. The first dog training required for dog obedience is to sit and stay for over a minute.

35. Where did the term it’s raining cats and dogs come from? In 17th century England, cats and dogs would drown during heavy rain storms and their bodies would float down the streets, so it looked like it had rained ‘cats and dogs’

36. Dog nose prints are like fingerprints of people. Unique to each one!

37. Dogs are about as intelligent as a 2-3 year old child. They can understand about 150-200 words, and hand signals linked to the word.

I hope that you have learned a new dog fun facts or two today! I know that I learned a few things when researching this page.

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