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Dog Food Allergies :
Learn about Dog Food Allergy Symptoms and Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Dog food allergies are visible through dog food allergy symptoms and can be hard to diagnose. Hypoallergenic dog food can help rid your dog of allergens.

About 10% of allergies in dogs is from food allergies with flea bite allergies and inhalant allergies being one and two respectively.

Dog food allergies are the cause of 20% of scratching and itching in our canines.

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Just like people who have allergies to foods from Banana, Peanuts, shellfish or even Wheat. Dogs can also be sensitive to certain ingredients in their food which causes an antibody response. For example, a dog can have an allergy to certain meats, or even fat sensitivities.

Food allergies in dogs can easily be treated, and your dog will thank-you for it.

Dog food allergies are not linked to specific dog breeds, male or female canines or whether they have been neutered.

We do know that the vast majority of allergies from dog food happen between the ages of two and six, with cases starting as early as five months and as late as twelve years. This means that you could be feeding your dog on the same food from age 1 to 5 years old, and then it starts showing symptoms of allergies or an intolerance.

Our dog Misse was 8 years old before she got diabetes and also a fat intolerance. She was healthy before this.

Allergy Or Intolerance

First we need to determine if your canine has food allergies or is just intolerant of the food they are eating. The distinction between the two are that food allergies cause the dog to scratch and itch, where the intolerance creates a different response, one of diaherra or vomiting . You can compare this dog food intolerance to what humans experience when we eat spicy or very rich foods that do not agree with our system.


Below are some of the symptoms of allergies from dog foods. Keep in mind that allergies from dog food are similar to most of allergies seen in dogs, (such as allergies to fleas), So it is imperative that you first rule out the following possible problems first before having a diagnosis specifically for allergies from dog food:

  • Inhalant allergies
  • Flea bite allergies
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Yeast or bacterial infections
  • Mange

These following symptoms can be signs of allergies from dog foods:

  • Itchy skin and excessive scratching
  • Ear infections that are chronic (or stinky ears)
  • Hair loss
  • Skin infections
  • Hot spots
  • Upset Stomachs and Increased bowel movements

These signs set your alarms off as to a possible food allergy problem for the dog, yet these physical signs increase their chances of food allergies:

  • A young dog with skin problems
  • Recurring ear problems
  • Year round allergies
  • Itchy skin does that not respond to a steroid treatment

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