Dog Territorial Aggression

Dog territorial aggression comes out of instinct from your dog because they are territorial and want to protect their territory. An invisible dog fence with an invisible fence dog collar can help.

It is very natural for any dog to have do territorial aggression. Our dogs are domesticated so they become very territorial.

The most common aggression we see from our canines is called territorial aggression. This type of aggression is when a dog barks because they think someone or something is invading their territory.

So why does a dog become aggressive? They just want to protect what they think is theirs, like the following:

  • their house
  • Their yard
  • Their family members
  • Their fellow pets in the family
  • Their favorite toy
  • Their food

Here are some examples when dogs become aggressive over there territory:

  • A delivery person comes to your home and your dog starts barking. They know it is not a member of the family, so they bark to alarm family members of a possible intruder. So when the delivery person drops off the package and leaves, your dog thinks that it drove the stranger away itself. So through repetition, a dog will learn that if they bark, the intruder will leave. Canines can even perceive that if they bark more aggressively, the intruder will leave even faster.

  • When driving a car a canine with dog territorial aggression will bark at those people they see moving outside their window.
    Your dog, in their mind is saying - stay away from the car because it is my territory. Naturally, no one approaches your moving car, and your dog thinks he has won, which can also lead to more celebration.

  • Another reason why a dog will become aggressive and increase their level of barking, is when their owners are yelling at the dog because they have done something wrong. What the dog owner does not realize is that the canine thinks the dog owner is supporting their aggression by their yelling. So now you have put more fule on the fire.

  • Dogs become aggressive whenever they are locked up or isolated. This is especially true if guests or strangers are inside the home and your dog picks up their scent, and since they are locked up and can do nothing about it, there dog territorial aggression kicks in and the aggression level increases.

The key to controlling dog territorial aggression is to make it very clear that you, the dog owner, is the pack leader. If you do not instill this in them, they will become even more aggressive to protect what they think is theirs.

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