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Dog DNA,
Learn at last what breed is your one-of-a-kind pooch!

Use a dog dna test to figure out what breed is your mutt. Next time someone asks you what kind of dog Spot is, you'll know for sure! And be able to answer confidently.

Do people ask you what kind of dog you have? Is there something about your favourite dog that makes her special? Have you ever wondered why Daisy has such unique markings? Maybe your dog is an exotic dog, that is rarely seen?

If you're like me, you probably have one of those mutts, or heinz 57, or 'shepherd or terrier cross'. Well, now that science has advanced, we can now easily send in a painless saliva sample of your dog and find out exactly what breeds came together to create your best furry friend.

Sometimes, dogs might look like a certain breed, but their personality is different, or there is just something that doesn't fit with the breed you've guessed. This is where genetic tests come in to answer your pending questions.

It's kind of like learning about your family tree! But, for mans best friend.

I wish these existed when Misse was alive. She was a great dog. One of a kind pooch!... and we'll never know...

Get the Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit to find out what your pooch is!

DNA works in such a manner that many segments of chromosomes are found in a certain patter in certain dog breeds and not in others. This helps dog dna experts to figure out what breed of dog yours is.

Why would you want to get your dog DNA tested? Beyond just being curious, you can also learn about many inherited traits such as personality of different breeds as well as genetic diseases or disorders that your dog might be susceptible.


Dog DNA tests are simple, easy and painless to do. A cheek swab is swiped inside of the cheek of your dog and sent away for testing. Once they've done the test, they write you the results. Your dog can be tested at ANY age!


Dog DNA tests are actually pretty reasonably priced. They cost under a $100 and can be a great gift or even just for your own curiosity.


Years ago, the genetic testing wasn't super accurate because they didn't have the code for many different breeds, but now they have the genetics for nearly 200 different breeds, so they can even tell you if your 'so called pure bred', is actually pure-bred!

Since most mixed breed dogs have many different breeds to make them unique, the test will say what breeds are found. They are continually undergoing increased research and get more and more breeds of dogs to include in their list .

You will learnquite a bit about your dog... you'll probably find breeds you would have NEVER guessed!

Our dog Tippy looked like a Doberman cross, but, since we knew both the mother and father, we knew she didnt' have any Doberman blood. So, looks can be deceiving. Get the test to know for sure.

This is when a test can cure your curiosity!

Curiosity killed the cat... or helped the dog owner :D

Cure your curiosity, Get the Mixed Breed DNA Test today!

Beyond curiosity, why get your dog tested?

Well, there are several reasons why it's good to get your dog tested:

  • Many physical traits of some breeds are only found in pure-bred dogs- such as the flat face of the bulldog or the curly tail of hte pug. So, you might have a bulldog cross, but he doesn't even look like one!
  • You can learn about some of the behavioural traits soyou can better understand why your dog does the things it does.
  • Dogs are very difficult to tell what breeds they have, because often mixed breed dogs are black back with tan/brown underneath, with a weight of 40 lbs and height of 1-2 feet. So, your mixed breed beauty could have many different interesting breeds in their ancestry. The test will help you know which breeds he or she is!

Learn the ancestry of your dog with the Mixed Breed DNA Test and start to understand Spot Better!

Purchase the Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

Outside of the medical conditions that dog DNA can provide you with, there is also a chance to see what specific breeds are inside of your dog as well. This information can prove to be useful for people looking for purebreds as well as those who want to know what their favorite pet is made up of as well.

Since the cost for these tests are becoming more reasonable and very effective, you may want to consider looking into the options that you have and have a dog breed test done for your peace of mind or to answer some of the questions you may be curious about.

Below are the links to the company with the most comprehensive dog breed list, and they doDog genetic testing in Canada, USA, and the UK. So, you can find out what kind of dog yours is anywhere (well almost...)!

Once you're taken to the link, make sure to click on your country on the bottom or top of the page that you're linked to.

Choose from the following DNA test options:

Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel Purebred DNA Test Kit

Designer Dog DNA Test Kit

The results come with descriptions of each of the breeds of dogs in your dog profile, plus ancestry of the breeds and a framable certificate (cause you're proud of your mutt!)

Plus, results are received within 3 weeks, so your curiosity is quickly cured!

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