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Dog Names By Breed:
Great pup name ideas!

When naming your dog, you probably want dog names by breed, so that your dog matches it's name. Can you imagine a small pappillion wiht the name of Grizzly? But, the name Grizzly totally works for your dog if it's a chocolate brown lab! This page will help you to find a good name for your dog, or perhaps share the name and breed of your dog with the world.

Sometimes names don't seem to match, but they still work, such as a friend of mine who had a small chihuaha crossed with a Pomermanian. His name was Beast!

When we've named our dogs, we usually wait a few weeks until a name comes to the dog. For example Patches looks patchy, but he also had a nervous tendancy to chew blankets so we kept having to sew patches on our good blankets and duvets, so this name has a personal meaning for us (he also responds to snuffles and sparky... but those are nicknames!).

Dog names by breed is a unique way of choosing the ideal name for your new pet. You will want your new dog to fit in with the rest of the family. Just as you would have taken the time to choose your children's names your dog is equally important. Your dog will need a name that suits their personality, the way that they look, and their breed. Common breed traits are a great way to choose the perfect name for your new dog.

Choosing the right dog names by breed may seem like a daunting process. You will want to ensure that the name that you choose is not only great for the dog, but also doesn't reflect on you badly. Taking the time to choose the right name will ensure that your dog and you are both happy with the choice.

Another dog that can be difficult to decide on is the Corgi, and although this is a very English Breed many people want to use more traditional names. Whatever dog names by breed you decide on, it will need to be a name that the whole family likes. Remember that you will be using, and calling this name several times a day, so it will need to be liked.

Other breeds are harder to name, and you will need to look carefully at all of their characteristics. Pekingese dogs are often suited to Chinese names due to their breed. You very rarely will see this dog breed being called Tyson, or Killer.

Some of the names below come from famous dogs of that breed. Such as Lassie for a Collie.

Dog Names by Breed: Water loving breeds

Nemo, Neptune, Aquarius, Pisces, Mudpuddle

Common names for dogs:

Puppy, Dog, Max, Sammie, Lady, Bear, Maggie, Chelsea, Charlie, Ginger, Taffy, Brandy, Bailey, Baby, Barney, Baxter, Basil, Cassidy, Fang, Fido, Figaro, Frankie, Rover, Argos, Lucky, Hooch, Pepper, Maggie, Marley, Pal, Patches, Pickles, Pooch, Rex, Rufus, Shadow, Sierra

Dog Names by Breed

Akita : Alpha, Gator, Hachiko, Hachi, Mai Tai, Mambo, Ninja, Nikita

Alaskan Malamute : Alpine, Frosty, Bozo, Wolf (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), Klondike

Australian Cattle Dog : Marble, Freckles, Hotspots, Joker , Zip (Last dog men), Dingo(Sundowners), Spinner

Australian Shepherd : Aussie, Emma, Jazz

Beagle : Goofy, Snoopy, Buster(The Wonder Years)

Border Collie : Ace, Einstein, Energizer, Infiniti, Fly, Rex (Babe), Shep(Blue Peter), Murray (Mad About you), Quark (Honey I shrunk the kids), Bandit and Jack (Little house on thePrairie), Oreo, Piper

Boston Terrier : Galileo, Baxter, Stubby

Bouvier : Jake, Belco, Noir, Night, Majestic, Otis

Boxers (named for famous human boxers): Bruno, Tyson, Rambo, Marshmallow(Malcolm in the middle), Ringo, Rookie, Roxanne

Bull Dog : Bozo, Gizmo, Luiz (Rio), Angus McBarker(Mr. Magoo), Max(Jake and the Fatman), Melon-head

Bull Terrier : Spuds Mackenzie, Bud, Onion, Meatball(Baa Baa Black Sheep)

Bull Mastiff : Buck, Dudley, Hugo, Butkus(Rocky)

Cairn Terrier : Chester, Toto(Wizard of Oz), Fred (I love lucy), Betty (UK Eastenders)

Chihuahua : Fajita, Fiesta, Gidget (Taco Bell), Poncho(Leave it to Beaver)

Chinese Crested (sometimes hairless): Geisha, Tink, Powderpuff, Krull (How to lose a guy in 10 days), Peek (Cats and Dogs), Lemon

Chow Chow : Jasmine, Furball, Fluffball, Songshi Quan, Liondog, Panda, Leo, Lionheart

Collie : Lassie, Blair, Murray(Mad about you), Maverick

Corgi (an english dog): Edward, Alice, Queenie, Nunzio(Dharma and Greg)

Dalmation: Spot (how original), Pongo, Perdita/Perdy(101 Dalmations), Dipstick, Checkers, Domino, Ariel(Frasier)

Doberman Pinser : Digby, Gerhart and Gestalt(Frasier), Apollo and Zeus(Magnum PI),

Great Pyrenese: Snow, Bianco, Bianca

Great Dane : Pinkerton (Book),Cesar, Dude, Marmaduke(Marmaduke), Scooby Doo, Scrappy (Scoobydoo), Simba(CSI), King(Nash Bridges), Dancer and Bellhound(The avengers), Jumbo

Hounds(sort legged -Dashund, bassett): Coon, Copper (Fox and the Hound), Hotdog, Duke(Beverly Hilbillies), Quincy(Coach),Flash(Dukes of Hazard)

Hounds (long legged - Ibizan hound, Grey hound, Pharaoh, Whippet): Speedy, Achilles, Hound, Dash, Dasher

Husky : Dodger, Eskimo, Houndini

Jack Russel Terrier : Dynamite, Dynamo, Eddie (TV Fraser), Uggie(The Artist), Milo (The Mask), Schnodle(Friends), Wishbone

Komondor : Mr. Dread, Sheepy, Marley, BoJangles, Mop, Mouton, Mudd, Mudpie, Rags, Raggedy Anne, Ragtime

Lhasa Apso : Candy, Emperor (Hill St. Blues), Kibbles, Pickles

Maltese (white with long hair) : Princess, prince, Blanche, Coconut, Fluffy, Paxil(Will & Grace), Jasper, Matisse, Pretty

Mastiff (Napoleon,Tibetan) : Beast, Bessie, Buster, Dante, Dogzilla, Fang(harrypotter), Hooch(Turner and Hooch), King, Kryptonite, Neon

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever : Cinnamon, Foxy, Ginger, Raider

Papillon : Belle, Bella, Cashmere, Da Vinci, Fancy, Fantasia, Flower

Pekingese: (choose a chinese name): FiFi, Foo, Miss Sunshine(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

PitBull : Petey (little rascals) , Chance(Incredible Journey - cross with lab), Arnold(Life goes on), Sir Thomas (Helen Kellers dog), Tahoe,Cheyenne and Dakota (all rescue dogs), Sargeant Stubby (Dog who fought in WW1), Pitstop

Pointers (GermanWirehaired, German Shorthaired): Gunner, Gunther, Hunter, Huntress

Poodle : Puff, Princess, Ballerina, Tiffany (Benji), Roly(UK Eastenders), Claud(Beverly Hilbillies), Minnie

Pomeranian : Cookie, Chester(The Nanny), Queequeg(the x-files)

Pug : Cupcake, Frank (Men In black), Antonio(Drew Carey show), Rags(Spin city)

Retrievers: (Golden retreiver, labrador retriever) : Buddy (Air Bud), Goldie, Nessie, Butterscotch, Goldilocks, Grizzly, Hershey, Homeboy, Brinkley(you've got mail), Shadow (Incredible Journey), Dug (Movie: Up), Sandy(Orphan Annie), Comet(Full House), Brandon(Punky Brewster)

Rhodesian Ridgeback (african dog) : Cimarron, Khoikhoi, Simba Inja, Shumba Imbwa, Kenya, Paprika

Rottweiler : Bertha, Caddilac, Major(Prisoner), Scout(cartoon Road Rovers), Missy, Outlaw, Romeo, Rover

Saluki: Bambi, Gizelle, Isis, Meadow, Synergy

Samoyed : Winter, Stone fox (book), Mush, Nugget

Setters (Irish, English, Gordon): Gypsy, Havana, Ivy, Molly(star Treck Voyager), Nutmeg

Spaniel (King charles spaniel, Brittany, Cocker, Springer, english toy): Lady(Lady and the Tramp)

Shepherds (German shepherd): Harley, Rin Tin Ton, Wellard (UK Eastenders), Samantha (I am Legend), Bolt (Bolt), Jerry Lee (K9), Maximillion(The bionic woman)

St.Bernard : Beethoven(Beethoven movie), Avalanche, Czar, Iceman, Neil(Topper)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Cola, Jazz,

Terrier (Scottish, Sealyham, silky, skye, wheaten, yorkshire, west highland): Benji, Bentley, Herman, Jelly-Bean, Skippy, Einstein/ Einie(Back to the Future), Baxter (Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy), Bobby(GreyFriars Bobby), Tramp(Lady and the Tramp), Asta(The ThinMan), Happy(7th Heaven), Fremont(Dennis the Menac), Mignon(Green Acres), Scruffy(The ghost and mrs. muir),

Weimaraner: Amazon, Curry, Durango, Grey, Greeneyes, Lilac

Choosing a name far too quickly will sometimes prove a disaster, and you my live to regret that moment of stupidity. There are always dog names that suit certain breeds, and this will be a huge factor when choosing dog names by breed. Name the dog names by breed, based on characteristics of the breed.

Another way of selecting the name is to look at the name of the breed, such as boxers named for human boxers. The size of the dog will also often play a part in the name. Some breeds are easier to name than others, and Dalmatians are one of those easy breeds.

Also, the name should not be too complicated, and easy for every family member to pronounce. Strange and exotic dog names may seem like a good idea, but if the children cannot say them the dog will get confused. Your dog will have the name that you choose for many years, and it will become part of the family, so choosing wisely is essential. Just as you wouldn't rush in to choosing your children's names without careful consideration (I didn't have a name for over a month), your dog names needs the same level of thought.

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