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Dog Barking Control
Stop your dog from barking in the car.

To get dog barking control of your canine making dog barking sounds in your car read this article to find ways to stop that specific barking dog problem.

We all have been in a car when our beloved canine begins barking and doesn't stop barking. They have seen people moving, cars going by, or worse yet, another canine.

So because the car is part of their territory, they want to protect this territory, so, they start barking. Once the person or object is no longer within their site, along comes another person or dog and you have no barking control.

The dog barking sounds do annoy us dog owners, and our first reaction is to get some dog barking control over our four legged friends.

So a lot of people will start yelling at their dog when they hear dog barking sounds.

All this does is add excitement to their increased level of anxiety. You see, your dog thinks by your yelling, you are confirming that you feel the same way as they do, so they will continue their barking dog sounds and you still have a barking dog problem.

So how does a dog owner get their dog from barking in a vehicle ?

Here are some tips to get them from barking when you and the family are out for a drive:

  • Tip 1: If you want your dog to be relaxed, you yourself must set the tone. Play some soft music and remain calm even when they become excited.

    If they do start making and dog barking sounds, a simple massaging around their head or neck coupled with some smooth talking can divert their attention towards the attention they're receiving from you and gets their mind off the person or object that started their barking, so you gain dog barking control.

  • Tip 2: A more drastic technique to get dog barking control when they are inside a vehicle, is to carry a spray bottle filled with water.

    If they start barking, a simple squirt of a fine mist of water can get them to stop whatever they're doing, in this case barking at nothing.

    Be sure and give a firm command each time you spray so they know the spray and firm command means no dog barking. Eventually do not use the water bottle but only the firm command, and they will associate the feeling of getting sprayed with the command and cease their barking.

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  • Tip 3: Another solution to stop dog barking when inside the car is to put them in a crate that is visually limited, so they do not get stimulated by all commotion going on outside the window.

    This solution works great for small to medium size dogs, and you will need the proper vehicle for crating larger canines.

Some other options that you can use when you're not around, or if the tips above don't work are:

Dog Shock Collars - they sound extreme, and we didnt' we didn't want to use these, but read more on this, and why it's not so bad and works.

Ultrasonic Control - Perhaps your neighbor has a barky dog? Maybe you're averse to shock. This sound activates when a dog barks only.

Citronella Collar - Another option. We share our experience with the citronella bark collar.

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