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Sometimes you have to get a dog muzzle, and so choosing the best muzzles for dogs is important. This page will give you lots of advice dogs muzzle options (ex. Basket muzzle ) and when it’s appropriate to use them.

I will start of by saying that we do not like dog muzzles.

Why muzzles for dogs should be a last resort:

Dogs use their nose to smell and their mouth to cool off. Dogs do not sweat, and instead they release extra heat through their mouth and tongue. Plus, when they’re exercising a lot, they need to have their mouth open to cool off from exercising and take deep breaths. So, a muzzle is sort of like making you wear a fur coat or wetsuit and giving you a straw to breath and then getting you to exercise.

However, there are sometimes when a muzzles for dogs may be necessary.

Our story: Whenever Daisy would go to the car to go for a walk, she would bark as loud as she could, and then would leap into the car and start nipping at our other dog (she is a heeler). We decided that this needed to stop, and thought that a muzzle would only need to be used for a short time and it could train her to stop this non-sense as we were sure the neighbors didn’t like it.

We tried the closed mouth one for our Daisy. She is VERY stubborn. It worked for a while, but eventually she took the muzzle off (super fast) and ended up eating it! We bought another, and made sure to take it off right after getting in the car and putting it in our ‘dog bag’, but she found it and ate it too. She is not a chewer, but she was stating clearly that she did not like it. Since then, we have tried other methods to control this barking and for her this works the best.  She hardly needs it at all now.  

Another option that we ALSO use for her, is we use positive reinforcement where we get her to sit, give her a treat, walk a few feet, get her to sit, give her a treat etc. This helps her to focus on the task at hand.

Why people get muzzles for dogs , and alternatives to a muzzle:

• Your nips at people (try alternative training as well such as getting dog friendly people to give it treats so it associates treats with people)
• Your dog barks- some alternatives are shock collars  or Citronella Collars. These may sound cruel, but check out the article first before you judge.
• When training a rescue dog that doesn’t have social skills with dogs, the muzzle may teach it to be gentle when around other dogs and then it will do it on it’s own.
• As a training tool. A friend of mine uses muzzles when his dogs bark. They bark, he puts the muzzle on for a while, and then they’re quiet. Now he just shows them the muzzle and they stop barking!

When dog muzzles are necessary:

• If your dog has bitten someone.
• Your dog is a breed that must wear a muzzle- ex. Pitbulls in Ontario.
• You have tried all the options above.

Alternatives to Dog Muzzles:

• Halti or Gentle Leader- If you walk your dog with a Halti or Gentle Leader, you have more control over the snout of your dog so that it cannot bite people and you are in control of it’s mouth.

Suggested Dog muzzles:

Generally there are 2 kinds of Dog muzzles, closed mouth ones and cage ones.

• The closed mouth muzzles for dogs should only be used for VERY short periods of time when you’re dog isn’t going to be exercising a lot or if it isn’t going to get hot. Otherwise I would not recommend this type of dog muzzle.
• The second and more humane muzzle is the basket muzzle. Your dog can walk normally, and the basket muzzle clearly states to people that they should keep away. Your dog can breathe well with a basket muzzle, as well as pant and let its tongue out. If your dog has been court ordered to wear a muzzle, we would suggest the basket muzzle.

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