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Victoria Dog Walking : 
Keep your pooch happy and exercised while you're at work!

Hello fellow dog lovers and owners. We now offer Victoria dog walking services for you and your furry family's needs. I , an experienced dog walker will take your dog on long hikes with their doggy friends during the day while you are at work so that your dog is exercised, calm and most of all happy when you return at the end of the day from work!

Included in Victoria Dog Walking:

-Free consultation and meeting for dog and owners.

-Pick-up and drop-off service

- minimum 1 hour hike by beaches, forested trail, lakes, up mountains and in the back-country with your dogs new best friends. Never city streets.  minimum one hour. We change-it-up so that your dog is continually visiting new places and keeping his/her mind engaged.

-Dogs are given water, a treat and dried off before returning home.

-You will receive a synopsis of what your dog got up to, and who is doggy friends were that day!

-Pictures will be taken when the right moment arrises, and select pictures will be emailed or texted to you.

-Insured, Bonded and Pet First aid qualified to give peace of mind.

Victoria Dog Walking is between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday.

All dogs are walked according to your dogs special requirements, either on or off leash to explore many parks, forested trails, back-country hikes, lakes and beaches in and around Victoria - from Beaver lake park to Thetis lake and many more!  

They are returned to your house, dry, happy and safe at the end of their walk with a treat and their tongue hanging out! 

Angus heard an ambulance in the distance... and decided to sing along (out at Beaver lake)!!!


Please contact me at 250-889-1012 to find out more information on prices.  I will beat any competitors price for Victoria dog walking. Phone me up, give me a price you want to pay and we can probably work something out, so that you, I and your dog are all happy!!!  :)  

YOU set the price!! I believe that most people are fair and honest and I trust you to set the price.   :)

Pet Sitting

We also offer pet sitting on weekends with a maximum of 2 dogs.  The dogs are taken up island to a 10 acre property and live in a house with me.  They are walked a minimum of twice daily and get lots of fresh air and attention.  No kennels or crates  Must be a current dog walking customer or had a free pre-screening visit.

Limited availability so make sure to call early to book. 

Cost: again, please contact me, so that we can arrange a price that works for us both.  I will beat any competitors price.

House Sitting

The other option is for me to live-in your house, so that your pets don't have to move or live somewhere else and is comfortable while you are away from the house.

Your pets will be fed according to your their feeding schedule with fresh food and water.  Daily litter changes will be done for cats.  Also included is: watering of indoor plants, mail and papers brought in, curtains adjusted, and lights used as I'm living at your home.  Your dog will be given a morning and evening walk.

Please book in advance as this fills up quickly and has limited availability.

Price:  I will beat any competitors price. Please contact me and we can come up with a price that we will both be happy with.

Our dogs out on a walk and playing and HAVING fun!!!

Please contact Robin McKee at : 250--889--1012 for more information about Victoria dog walking.

I look forward to meeting you and your furry dog family. Woof Woof!!  :)

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