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Dog Booties :
Even Just For Entertainment!
Call them Doggie Boots , Boots for dogs , dog shoe ,
dog winter boots or just booties

Doggie boots..Our experience with Dog booties, with an explanation on why a ‘normal’ dog owner might want to get doggie boots or boots for dogs . Plus, tell us your dog shoe or dog winter boots story!

Why get dog booties? Aren’t they just for people who are fanatic owners who think that they got a kid instead of a dog?

Do you think that Boots for Dogs seem like a waste of time?

We are definitely not those crazy dog dressing owners,


We got dog winter boots for our dog Misse. She is a hardy, high energy dog… I’ll explain.

Misse was a Border Collie, Sheltie cross. In the winter time, whenever we would take her for a walk, she would get snow between her toes. It would clump all over the fur between her toes and cause her paws to gain this huge ball of snow, forcing each toe apart. She would stop quite often to chew the snow out. It seemed quite uncomfortable.

Also, when we would walk on the side walk in the winter, the salt on the ground would get in any cracks on her feet and hurt.


We decided to help her.

We bought her a set of 4 boots for dogs . The Doggie Boots had plastic bottoms, fleece around with a velcro strap.

If you want some entertainment, you MUST get a dog shoe set and put them on your dogs feet. Even just for the entertainment doggie boots are fantastic!

After she had them on, she walked as if she had started some sort of dance lessons. Lifting each paw individually super high. It was SO funny.

Eventually she got used to them and we took her for a walk, however, the ones that we got kept falling off.

We put them on better and did our walk, but she kept losing the boots in the snow.

We ended up having to re-trace our steps to collect them all.

She didn’t wear them again…

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