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Why Patches and I Love the Chuck it !

Why a Chuckit is a must for any ball chasing dog, and why you will love it too! If you ever thought about a Chuck it , this will explain why you should get one!

Your dog LOVES to chase his ball!!!


You can never throw it far enough to wear out his energy!


The answer is a Chuck_It! Ball Launcher

These can fit your average tennis ball and make you a super thrower.
(at least in our Patches eyes!!!).

The brand that we own is the chuck-it. And I can tell you, it’s well worth its weight in gold!

It is made of a VERY durable plastic, so that Patches can carry it in his mouth like a stick to the park, and then when we’re there, he gets to chase the ball to his hearts content! And we don’t throw out our arm, we just throw the ball!

Why we love our chuckit:

BEST REASON: We don’t have to touch slimy tennis balls!- Who wants to touch the slobbery, muddy, heaven knows what it’s touched tennis ball? We don’t want to, and we don’t do it!

Save your back! Don’t lean over as far to get the ball. The longer tennis ball launcher (better in my opinion) allows you to get the ball without having to really reach down.

Become a super thrower! Wear your dog out easily. Once you can throw with SUPER HUMAN strength, you will wear your dog out before your arm! It’s a win-win situation.

It’s super durable- Our Chuck it has lasted at least 8 years. We still have our original, and it’s going strong. The ball flies out at just the right moment and soars just as it did when we first bought it.

Can be used with any tennis ball. Since your pup is probably like Patches, he or she will lose the ball all the time- whether in the long grass, in the river or stolen by another dog. Since tennis balls are easy and cheap to come by, they are easy to replace.

Or, you can buy special Chuck-it balls, Some of these balls do neat things, such as the Chuck It! Max Glow Ball, , or the Chuck-it! Whistler Ball or theChuck-it! Erratic Ball or the Chuck it! Indoor Ball, or the Chuck_it! Fetch Ball Pack which has one each of the glow in the dark, erratic and Whistler Ball!

There are two choices of Chuck it : the Chuck-it! Small Ball Launcher orChuck-it ! Large Ball Launcher . We have the longer version and helps you to throw it better and is worth the extra bit of money. So, if you’re gonna get it, go for the longer one! Your ball pooch will thank you.

Another option to launch your tennis balls are to have a rope in the middle of the tennis ball out the end to give you the extra leverage, however I wouldn’t recommend them, because the dogs can chew the rope and get the strings stuck in their throat, or worse, in their intestines causing major damage. Do not Leave your dog alone with a rope or ball.

Another option is the tennis ball launcher (but your dog can’t carry that in it’s mouth to the park!) .

Also, make sure that your dog is supervised with the ball because sometimes the larger dog may eat the ball, causing HUGE medical complications.

But, we love our Chuckit ! Large Ball Launcher

If your ball pooch is also a Frisbee pooch, then you may want to find out what Dog Frisbeeswe recommend.

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