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Dog Training Shock Collar:  Are they worth it?  Do they work?

We have tried many Dog training shock collar and will tell you which shock collars are best, if they work and what we recommend!

We were not too keen on using a dog training shock collar (we didn't want to hurt our dog and thought praise and treats would work).  But, we have stubborn dogs and they had bad habits.  

Does your dog have a bad habit?  Does it have a problem that is hard to train / fix?  Have you tried everything, and nothing works?

We did.

His name is Theo - a Shepherd, Heeler, Huskey cross.  He had a problem that had gotten worse.  He used to run up to people and bark. We'd tried to fix this by calling him (but should we praise him for coming, or give him heck for barking).  We tried both, neither worked.  In fact, it got worse, he started charging at people.  Even if we called him before there was anyone coming, he'd think we were calling him because we saw someone and run at nothing).

You might say, why not just leave him on the leash. He was fine on the leash.  Well, he's a high energy dog and he loves to be able to run and stretch his legs.  We were determined to fix the problem. 

We knew we needed to do something.

We tried many different bark collars.  

We tried the citronella collar - not waterproof (so if he went swimming it might go off), and if he shook it went off.

We couldn't use an ultrasonic collar as those punish all dogs when he barks (it emits a high pitched sound that bothers dogs but people can't hear - but all other dogs can).  

So, we tried automatic shock collar.  When he barked, the vibration was supposed to cause a bit of a static shock.  But, his mom learned to bark through it (it stops after several increasing levels), and Theo's fur was too thick (they didn't have long prongs).

So... you ask?  What worked?

Dog training shock collar

We found a wonderful dog training shock collar that is remote connected.  This means that if your dog is barking for fun, then they don't get a shock.  They learn the EXACT thing that they're doing wrong.  Plus, 'you're' not giving them heck, the collar is.  

Theo actually loves his collar!  He loves being able to go off the leash and he knows when he is wearing his dog training shock collar that he will be let off the leash - his favourite.  

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