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8 Dog balls your dog will Love!

Dog Balls. Dogs LOVE Balls. This is fact. Some dogs may not bring the ball back, but they all like to chase, and what better thing to chase than a ball?

Having several dog companions, we have tried several different dog (and non-dog) balls. I will go over what balls last (our dogs LOVE to eat them), and what balls don’t last…

I’ve been trying several types of balls, and it’s actually worth the money to get the proper tennis balls. Cheap tennis balls from dollar stores can be broken very easy. One chomp, and they collapse and are no longer a ball.

One thing though to watch out for is Larger breed dogs as they end up swallowing tennis balls, so smaller dog balls (tennis ball size or smaller) should be not used as toys for large breed dogs.

1) REAL Tennis Ball

a. These balls actually last longer than cheaper made Dollar store or low grade tennis balls.
b. We have heard that the gases inside of them can be toxic, but we haven’t seen any ill effects on our dogs.

2) Dollar Store Balls

a. These DO NOT LAST. Although the price tag is mighty tempting, they are cheap for a reason and do not last at all.
b. All balls that can be purchased at dollar stores are cheap for a reason. They do not last.
c. We got Patch a cheap childrens ball at a dollar store and brought it home for him. He was excited, he chased it, took one chomp and the thing blew up in his mouth. He was quite disappointed. You could see it on his face, but he still wanted to look happy, so he carried it around for a little more, but we could tell he was disappointed in his toy. Like those cheap toys you get children that fall apart in their hands and cause more grief than happiness… this is what cheap dollar store balls do to dogs ☹

3) Chuckit Balls

a. The tennis balls that come with chuckit sticks are pretty long lasting tennis balls. They are not indestructible, but they don’t collapse with one chomp.
b. These are solid, strong, dog balls.

4) Childrens Balls: Soccer , Volley, Basket ball , Football
(slightly deflated)

a. Our dogs also love to chase slightly deflated childrens balls. These can be older, ugly balls, but they love to tackle the ball, and then try and shake it.
b. These balls are particularly good for the winter when smaller toys can get lost in the snow.
c. Footballs are fun too, cause they bounce in different directions.

5) Kong Treat Ball

a. This ball is tennis ball size, made with Kong rubber that’s hollow with slats around the outside so that you can put treats inside the ball. This could be a good way to teach a dog that is unsure of balls, to get into them. They’ll chase the treaty smelling ball and start to like it. They last a decent length of time. The only problem I’ve seen, is that one dog we knew used to get its teeth stuck in the slats so couldn’t drop it as easily as a regular tennis ball.

6) Soft indoor balls

a. You can purchase these softer balls for indoor play (if you have a large enough area) as they are soft and won’t knock over your stuff. But they can be good for gentle ball play only.

7) Glow in the dark balls

a. During the spring and fall when the evening and darkness comes earlier than you or your dog are ready to go to bed. These can give you the option to play ball at night, and still find the ball.

8) Kong Squeaker Ball

a. A GREAT Ball.
b. This ball looks like a tennis ball, but actually squeaks, which makes it much more fun. Our dogs love their squeakers.
c. They are actually fairly strong.d. Plus they’re a decent price for a squeaking ball!

What do our dogs like?

We have 2 dogs that aren’t so keen on balls. One loves to hunt mice, so when I introduced her to the Kong squeeker, so she was thrilled. I think that she thought that she’d caught a mouse, cause every time that she squeezed it, it squeaked! She tosses it up in the air for herself and then runs around with it like a wild thing.

All my dogs love the Kong squeeker. They will race around with them in their month.

Squeaker Dogs Balls are about the same size and look as a tennis ball, except that they squeak! Plus, they’re pretty cheap for a Kong product.

It’s a great ball to get your dog interested in dog balls. Plus they last a while. :D

No ball is indestructible, and your dog shouldn’t be left alone with the ball, as your dog may eat the ball, leading to expensive vet bills, or worse. Balls are a ‘supervised only’ dog toy.

Who would have known there were SO MANY dog ball options!!!

Now that I’ve told you all about what dog balls there are, you don’t want to throw your arm out throwing them, you can get a Tennis Ball Launcher such as a Chuckit.

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