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Ultrasonic Bark Control :
The Pros and Cons.

Does Ultrasonic Bark Control work? Find out how you can stop your neighbours dog from keeping you awake! Or, check out other bark control options to keep your dog quiet.

Does your dog bark when you don’t want it to?

Does your neighbors dog bark when you don’t want it to?

There are many bark control options.

One of them is the Ultrasonic bark control.

This is activated by the sound of your barking dog. Once activated, it sets off a high pitched noise that your dog can hear and dislikes that is too high pitched that humans can’t hear.

I believe these are like those ‘youth deterrent’ systems that emit a constant high pitch noise than only people under the age of 25 (or those few over 25 without damaged eardrums). It keeps youth out of these areas because of the annoying sound.

There are pros and cons and these systems and they don’t work for every dog, so you may have to try other bark control methods to figure out what works with your dog.


• You can use it on dogs that belong to your neighbour if your neighbour has an annoying barking dog. Simple dog barking solution solved.
• Can be brought with you to wherever you are, even on vacation so you don’t have annoying dog neighbours anywhere.
• People can’t hear it.
• Can possibly work well on smaller, meeker dogs that are less stubborn.


• Sound activated, so all dogs are ‘punished’ if one dog barks.
• Sometimes is activated by peoples voices
• Does not differentiate between barking to ask to go to the bathroom, or annoying barking at a passing squirrel.
• Some smaller dogs yips may not activate the machine.
• Many large breed dog owners claimed that it did not work with their dog.

Overall, there are varying levels of satisfaction with the product. Some people are amazed with it’s effectiveness, while others said it did nothing for the dogs barking.

Also, There are different brands and models of ultrasonic bark systems, and some have better reviews than others. Overall, the dog silencer pro and the ultimate dog silencer have decent reviews (although not 100% satisfaction).

We have not tried the Ultrasonic bark system because we have more than one dog and do not want to punish the good dogs for being good.

From doing research, it looks like the Ultrasonic bark control system is good for neighbours that want to stop annoying barking, as well as for dogs that are more responsive and less stubborn dogs, and more often smaller dogs.

Check out other dog barking control options.

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