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Dog IQ :
Is Your's One Of The Smartest Dog Breeds ?

Dog IQ : Test your dog to see if it matches the smartest dog breeds. Learn how to test your dog today with these tests.

Use this Dog IQ test so you can see if your canine is one of the smartest dog breeds, but first I'll to inform you about the varying degrees of dog intelligence.

As with humans there are different kinds of dog intelligence, just like how some people have music skills, while others are better at math. Different dogs or breeds give certain dog breeds inherent differences in their natural ability.

As an example, Greyhounds or Russian Wolkhounds are a type of dog that use their sight and will obviously do better at sight tests. While the beagles and a bloodhound will use their noses for problem solving, so people may think their dog is the smartest dog breed because they will fare better in the smelling tests. Some dogs are natural hunters such as huskies, while others herd naturally such as Australian Cattle dogs (and have been known to will herd peoples children).

Learning ability is a measure of a dog's intelligence which can include environmental, social and task learning along with language comprehension. This is similar to humans say that are better in math or logic questions will other dog breeds will fare better at creative solutions to problems or interpersonal relationships.

There are many ways to determine the smartest dog breeds but the best determining factor is their problem solving abilities and this is what the following dog IQ test is based on.

Let's Start The Dog IQ Test

Notes On These Dog IQ Tests

  • Do Not try all these tests in one day because they might become overwhelmed and it will not accurately reflect your dog's intelligence
  • Do not be negative
  • Make these tests fun and treat them like games
  • Lastly no matter what the score give them plenty of love after testing
  • Let's start to so you can call your dog the smartest dog breed (the best mutt on the block!)

Towel Test:

Start by taking a large blanket or towel and gently placing it over the head of your canine. If your dog frees himself within 15 seconds give them 3 points. If it takes 15 - 30 seconds to remove the blanket or towel give them 2 points. If it takes longer than 30 seconds then they get 1 point.

Bucket Test:
Line up three buckets and place a dog treat or favorite toy under one of the buckets making sure the dog sees which bucket it is under. Turn your dog away from the buckets for a few seconds and let them try and find the toy or treat. If they go directly to the correct bucket then they get 3 points and if it takes two attempts then give them 2 points. Finally if your dog looks under the wrong two buckets first then they get 1 point.

Favorite Spot Test:
Keep your dog out of a room where they have a favorite spot and rearrange the furniture. When they enter the room again and go directly to their favorite spot then they get 3 points. If it takes them 30 seconds to find their favorite spot then they get 2 points. When the decide on a new spot completely they get 1 point.

Chair Puzzle Test:
Place a treat or favorite toy under a chair or couch that is low enough so they can only fit their paw and not their head. If your dog figures out how to get the treat in one minute then they get 3 points. If they use their paws or node then they get 2 points and if they give up then they get 2 points.

Go For A Walk Test:
During a time of the day when you normally do not walk your dog pick up their leash while they are watching you and if they get excited immediately then they get 3 points. If you end up going to the door before they know it is time to go out then they get 2 points and they just sit then they get 1 point.

Barrier Test:
Make a cardboard barrier that is taller than your dog when it is on two legs. Put a box on either side for support. Cut asquare throughthe center of the cardboard leaving about 6 inches at the top and bottom. Next toss a toy or treat on the other side and if your dog walks around the barrier in less than 30 seconds they get 1 point. If they take thirty seconds to a minute to go around the box they get 2 points and if they get stuck in the cardboard they get 1 point.

Scoring And Results

  • 16 points or higher - Brilliant Dog
  • 13 - 16 points - Above Average
  • 9 - 12 points - Average
  • 5 - 8 points - Below Average
  • 1 - 4 points - Not the sharpest one but we sill love them

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