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Citronella Collar to stop barking .
Spray collar – an alternative to shock collars.

Citronella Collar, spray collar, Bark collar, Shock collar- so many choices!!!

Having trouble with barking?

Don’t want to use the shock collar?

Well, we were in the same boat.

For us though, our dogs, as puppies would run upto someone, barking. We would want to give them heck, but then, we wanted them to come to us, so we’d call them, but didn’t know whether to discipline them for barking or praise them coming…

When they were on the leash they were fine. When they’re at home they’re fine.

We were in a dilemma. We needed something that would stop them just when they barked and were out of our reach.

We didn’t want to do the shock collar thing

So, we figured we’d try the automatic citronella collar. There is a remote for the citronella collar too, so you can control when it barks.

I read up on the reviews online.

People said they were great, that they worked well, plus the citronella is a harmless, natural bug repellent…

Some people LOVE the spray collar, but other people said it did nothing.

So, we went out and bought 2.

The first reaction from our dog was great, it barked once, got sprayed, backed away, shook its head in shock! Then barked again, got sprayed, and then stopped barking. Perfect!

I’ll start with the positives of the product:
1) It is less extreme than the shock collar.
2) The spray collar sprays when the dog barks!
3) The spray is not bad smelling to people- similar to strong orange smell, and is non-toxic.
4) It doesn’t have to be on too tight (like the shock collars do).

There are several brands that sell Citronella collars, and if you want to give them a try (perhaps your dog is not super stubborn, or is afraid of mice, then this may be all it needs).

GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar
Innotek Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar

Another option instead of the Citronella or Shock collar is the Pet Tag Classic No Bark Sound and Vibrate Collar.

Our dogs learned pretty quickly, however we found a few draw-backs to the citronella collar.

1. They have to be Refilled- If you have a smart dog, they’ll realize that after a few sprays the spray collar will run out of “juice” and re-filling can get costly. Especially since the dogs know when the spray collar is on and will bark when it is off.
2. They are sound activated- this is a HUGE problem if you have several dogs and another dog barks. It will punish the one dog for the other dogs barking. So you’ll have to buy them for all the dogs. Apparently you can adjust this but we didn’t find the adjustment, or perhaps ours didn’t have this option as I read the instructions fully.
3. They are not waterproof- This was the BIGGEST drawback for us. We used them when going for walks- in the rain, by the river and so, our one dog decided to go swimming, TOTALLY submersed! She came out and she shook, well the noise from the shaking set off the collar and it sprayed, so she shook again because of the irritant in her nose and it sprayed more, so she started rolling on the ground to get the collar off! Eventually the collar stopped spraying and we were able to get close enough to poor Charlie to help her. It was so funny, but so sad at the same time…This was the final test- the product was not for us.

Some other negative things that other people have found are that:

1) The battery runs out quickly.
2) The spray box is large for a small dog to wear.
3) It may not cure your dog, and so your dog may need to continue wearing it for several years which can be costly with batteries and buying spray.

I’d have to say, that the collar did what it was supposed to, however it was not for us for several reasons listed above.

A lot of people think that this option is more humane than the shock collar, but it doesn’t always work and so sometimes you have to try something else.

If you want to try the Citronella collar, try theGentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar or the
Innotek Anti-Bark Spray Citronella Collar.

Or, Another option is the Pet Tag Classic No Bark Sound and Vibrate Collar.

So, we ended up resorting to trying the shock collar. As, we couldn’t have the dogs barking up to people and scaring them.

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