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Shock Collars for Dogs
The Truth from a dog owner who’d tried Everything!
...and resorted to a Dog Bark Collar.

Are Shock Collars for Dogs Cruel? Does a dog bark collar stop barking? Have you tried dog bark collars , even as a last resort? Check out the truth from a dog owner who’d tried Everything!

Does your dog bark?

Have you tried everything?

Are you ready to give up?

Have you not used the shock collars for dogs because you think they’re cruel and inhumane?

Well, that was us!

We hesitated in getting a dog shock collar for many reasons. First off, it seems so cruel, plus we felt that we should be able to train our dog without a dog shock collar.

The problem was, that our dogs were good around us… But, when we went out for walks and they were off leash, they would run up to people barking and scare them. This had to stop.

We would call them, and they would come, but we didn’t know whether to give them heck for barking, or praising them for coming.

So, we bought a Citronella Collar.

It worked but had many drawbacks.

So, we decided to get one of the many shock collars for dogs .

Before trying it on the dogs, we wanted to see how strong it was, but my mother and I were to chicken, so my younger brother stepped up to the plate!

However, the dog bark collar wasn’t as easy to activate as you might think. Also somewhat nervous, he tried tapping, and rubbing his hand against it, to no avail. The instructions said it activates by vibration, so, my brother ended up resorting to sticking it against his neck and pretending to bark like a dog! It worked! My brother jumped slightly, but said it was just a little jolt and the dogs would be fine, that it wasn’t that bad.

Next step…

Try the shock collars for dogs , on the dogs!

The collar we got was a Petsafe dog shock collar and it works instantly when the dogs bark. The Dog Bark Collar starts with a low shock, and then it gets stronger for a few levels and then stops shocking.

We tried it on just one, Theo, and the first time he barked nothing happened. We realized that the collar had to be quite tight to feel the shock.

We tried again. He ran up to bark to a person walking, and then yelped. It worked. The look on his face was priceless. He tried once more, and then didn’t bark anymore.

We were Ecstatic!! YAY!!! Something that worked right the instant they barked, even if we weren’t there to catch it. I’ll tell you, we felt very sadistic watching him get shocked, but it felt great to have something that actually worked!

We bought a couple more for our other dogs, and they worked great.

Of course, nothing is perfect, here they are:

- Some dogs may realize that the shocks stop and will bark through the shocking. Our Daisy did this and tried to teach the other dogs to do this. (she’s the naughty, stubborn type dog). We will be trying the remote control collar with her. If you get a remote collar, the shocks will not stop, as long as you control it.

- As the dogs grew, they no longer felt that the shock did much, as they outgrew the weight limit for the collar size. We got a stronger collar, and it worked better.

- Beware: Static Dog Bark collars are not good to be used on aggressive dogs.


Yup, and these out-number the drawbacks.

- They’re waterproof. So our dogs can go swimming, or walk in the rain without it shocking them.

- The batteries last a long time.

- They are vibration sensitive, so only the dog being shocked gets punished.

- The Dogs learn quickly.


I would recommend Dog bark shock collars for dogs .

The Dog Bark Collar shouldn’t be worn for extended periods by your dog, though.And are best worn under supervision.

I would recommend a remote control e-collar if you have a stubborn dog. I’ve read other peoples reviews on how they used it, and their dog thought the collar was majic. But they work. If you’ve tried it all, and nothing works, I would recommend trying this.

If you’re still reluctant to shock your dog for barking, Check out the Bark Control Ideas and other dog bark collar ideas .
Read what I wrote about Citronella Collars.

Or, check purchase a shock collar for your dog. There are several kinds:

PetSafe Bark Activated No-Bark Collar
PetSafe Remote Dog Trainer Bark Collar

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