Great Dog Jokes

Dogs make us smile but these dog jokes will make you laugh.

How Many Canines Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb ?

Dog Laughing

Toy Poodle: All I need to do is blow in that Border Collie's ear and he will rewire my house darling.

Dog Laughing

Golden Retriever: Beautiful sunny day, plenty of food so the future looks bright and all you care about is a light bulb that isn't working !

Dog Laughing
Border Collie: One is easy. Need the house rewired ?
Dachshund: Who says I can even reach the light.

Dog Laughing
Malamute: Let someone else do it. What's for dinner ?
Pointer: Look... over there, I see the light bulb !

Dog Laughing
Rottweiler: Make My Day !
Shi-tzu: How insulting - Don't even give it a second thought. My nails aren't dry !

Dog Laughing

Lab: I will do it ! I will do it ! Please - Please Can I ?

Dog Laughing
Doberman Pinscher: Hmmmmm - nice and dark, time for a nap.
Mastiff: The dark DOES not bother me.

Dog Laughing
Irish Wolfhound: No way - not me - with my hangover ?
Cocker Spaniel: It is dark and this spot right here looks great for a nice long pee.

Dog Laughing
Hound Dog: You woke me for what ?
Chihuahua: Yo - amigo - no comprende !

Dog Laughing
Greyhound: Does it move ? BBBBBBoring.
Australian Shepherd: If you round up the light bulbs I will be glad to take it from there.

Dog Laughing

Old English Sheep Dog: You mean that crunchy thing I just devoured was a light bulb ?

Some Great Reasons For Being A Dog

Dog Laughing

Ya see when we get older we can get away with having hair in places that aren't normal.

Dog Laughing It is OK for us to scratch every itch no matter where it is and where we are.

Dog Laughing Aren't you jealous ! We don't need a lousy bath on a daily basis ! Does someone else comb YOUR hair ?

Dog Laughing You humans think a wet nose means you are getting sick.
Try passsing gas as often as we do and see how many times YOU get yelled at !

Dog Laughing Who needs a flat screen TV when dad's slipper tastes great !
We get to sniff all those great things.

Dog Laughing Table manners - we get to put our face right in the bowl. Try that in front of your inlaws sometime and better yet if we gain weight it is not our fault.

Dog Laughing We are easily pleased. Just leave a room for a few minutes and when you come back it is as if you were gone a lifetime.

Dog Laughing Garbage cans are loaded with all the essential vitamins !

So come back often to get more dog jokes.

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