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About Us

Hello, My name is Robin.  This page is about us behind the scenes at  I am the webmaster behind  Between my mother, myself and the suggestions from our dogs (and their friends), we have created this site to share what works and what doesn’t and what makes our dogs happy.

When I was 8 years old, like many children, I wanted a dog.  When my brother was born a few years later, my mom and I went out to the local pound to get my very own dog.


We got Misse, a collie, sheltie cross who lived to a ripe old age of older than 19!   Although she was ‘my dog’, my mom took over when I wasn’t able, or around.


Misse loved the beach, choosing the largest log and chasing squirrels.


This was the start of our dog journey.



Right now, our research assistants for our dog site are:


Patches (nicknames Sparky or Snuffles) – age 9.  Border Collie x Blue Heeler  

He loves squeeking Squeeker dog tennis balls, chasing sticks and Floppydisc Frisbees,  and following the person in the house around and just chasing the wind!

Daisy (nicknames Princess, Crazy Daisy) – age 5.  Blue Heeler (Mom to Theo and Red)

She loves sleeping on the softest pillows, getting everyone excited for walks, stealing dog food and playing with her son Theo.

Theo (nickname Chomper) – age 3 Blue Heeler x Husky Shepherd.

Theo is shy around strangers, but once he gets to know you, he smiles by showing his teeth like a person.  He also loves to play rope tug during walks like a HUGE six month old puppy, sitting in the car, playing with his mom Daisy and hates cold and wet weather.

Red (nicknames Foxy red, Spaz) – age 3 sister to Theo. Blue Heeler x Husky Shepherd

Red loves to chase deflated soccer balls (she must have been a soccer player in her past life), diving into the water to catch sticks, cuddling and copying her idol Patches.




Dogs for us, and probably for you, are another furry member of the family.  They have their own personalities and appreciate anything that is done for them.  This site is for them.


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