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Dog Jacket - exposure to cold and how to keep your dog warm in Winter

Great ideas to keep your dog warm in the winter.  Great dog jacket ideas and information on other  winter wear from sweaters, booties and more.

My dog, a Jack-Chihuaha, HATES winter.  She's from California, but now lives in Canada.  I've finally found a way to keep her warm in the frigid winter weather.  

Getting her dressed for winter is especially difficult as she has quite short legs, so, anything that is loose scoops up snow, but if it's tight, she cannot move and then gets cold.  

It seems to be a no win situation, but I'm better at it, and these winter dog tricks work for all sized dogs.

Winter Dog Jacket recommendations:

I've found that the best way to keep your dog warm in the winter is to have several fleece layers (depending on the temperature) so she can keep warm and an outer jacket for the wind. 

 My poor jackchi gets so cold, so she has 4 layers of fleece under her jacket.  

Luckily I have been able to sew Pippin custom fleece sweaters, however these are look almost exactly the same (more professional) and are priced pretty cheap and also have excellent reviews by many dog parents.

Stretch Pullover Fleece Sweater - 4.6/5 cost $20

This one looks nearly identical to the ones my dog wears.  Highly recommended by me and over 800 other people on Amazon.

Then, on top, I put on a warm jacket to keep out the wind.  Pippin has one that is Beaver Canoe with a cute hood with fake fur.  This was available at Petsmart, however they always have different jackets.

Below are the top 3 that are recommended on Amazon.  With hundreds of top ratings.  

Ruffwear - Quinzee (Warm, Lightweight Insulated Jacket) 4.5/5 rating

During spring, fall and in the rain, I use different jackets for my dog.  Check out those pages for pages on:

  • spring and fall dog jackets, and 
  • dog rain jackets.  

To keep her feet warm, I have tried Dog booties, and those have been somewhat successful.  Pippin gets many of them off no matter what I do, however other dogs I know have used booties and they've worked well.  Find out which booties work well. 

An alternative for their feet to help protect them from cold and salt is Paw wax.  Find out more from here.  

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