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Compare Dog foods :
Learn about what makes a great dog food!

Below is a list of some Dog food pages, so that you can compare dog foods on your own, and also get some great ideas on making your own natural dog food.  Plus learn how to analyze the ingredients in dog food so you can choose the best dog food for your dog.

Petsumer Report Become educated on which ingredients in your dog food are risky or not. Does your dog food get 5 paws?

Understand ingredients in dry dog food  - Understand what makes a great dog food.  Learn to understand what ingredients you want to feed your dog, and what food you do NOT want your dog to be eating.  If it’s not natural, and wouldn’t be fed to humans, find out how to spot the bad ingredients, and analyze YOUR dog food label.

Make your own dog food 

– Try our great healthy dog food recipe. Make it at home, easily and freeze meal portions to supplement your dogs diet and give them a delicious treat. Making your own dog food doesn’t need to be expensive, or even too time consuming. We do it once every few months and freeze enough for the month. Or if you want more Dog food recipes in an eBook.

Make your own pup-sicles

- a tried and tested easy recipe that will have your pups wanting to lick out the bowl! Check out a Dog treat recipes eBook for more great ideas!

Dog food containers – Get some great ideas for storing your dog food.  Some ideas can match your furniture, while others are good for keeping your dog out.


Natural balance food rolls – Why these are a great additional treat to your dog food and a great idea to make pup-sicles for your pups while you’re out!


Buy dog food Online  -  Learn about the benefits such as discounts and free shipping when you purchase dog food online.  Plus you don’t have to haul it to and from the car… it’s delivered straight to your door!


10 best dog food  - Find out some great suggested dog food selections that are delicious and you're dog will love!  I called dog food stores so you don't have to.  From raw food to regular brands that taste great.  

Best Puppy Food - check out the most recommended puppy foods, that are recommended from MANY different stores accross the country.  From raw, specailized food and even regular kibble.

Hypoallergenic Dog food brands- Determining if your dog is allergic to its food, and what are the best brands to feed your dog, and how to slowly ween them onto a good food.

Dog food recall – Information on Dog food Recalls in the past and which companies were the culprit.


Low fat dog food – information on choosing a low fat dog food for your dog that might have a sensitive stomach.


Natural dog food – information on getting a natural dog food diet for your dog.  Is Raw food the way to go?  What should they be fed?


Dog food allergies – Many dogs have sensitive stomachs.  Learn about symptoms of dog food allergies.  Your dog can acquire an allergy at any age.





Iams dog food – check out the ingredients of most of Iams dog food products.


Natures recipe dog food – learn about and see for yourself the ingredients of Natures Recipe Dog food.


I hope that these dog food pages help you to learn to compare dog food on your own and choose the best food to keep your dog healthy.

Check out Petsumer Report Become educated on dog food brand ingredients. Does your dog food get 5 paws?


Learn about making your own dog food


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