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Dog Frisbee
The Best Dog Frizbees for your dog!
Info on Rubber, Nylon and more!

Find the Best Dog Frisbee here and now. Tried and tested Dog Frisbees, from rubber Frisbee to nylon Frisbee, so you know what Frisbees last, which discs fly better, float, or work best under all conditions.

Frizbee dogs and Disc dogs are amazing to watch! But to actually know how many Frisbees they go through!!!

And how much Frisbees for dogs costs!

Totally different!

Does your dog love chasing its Frisbee? Or maybe it loves balls or sticks and you’d like to get it a Frisbee but don’t know what to get?Maybe your dog eats Frisbees?
Tell us your Frisbee story at the bottom of this page!

Well, Our dog Patch LOVES his Frisbee. Yes, he loves it THAT much!

It was love at first catch for him and he’s never looked back. That means that our dog Frisbee hunt has evolved over the years.

Patch started with regular people Frisbee, but after one walk, this Frisbee was in pieces. So began our quest to find the perfect dog Frizbee .

We have tried
Kong Frisbees
Hyperflite JAWZ Disc,
Flying Squirrel Frisbee,
• Clear Frisbees (Petstages ORKA Flyer),
Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer ,
• Nylabone and Guma bone Frisbees,
• Rubber Frisbee ,
• Nylon Frisbee (Softbite Floppy Disc) ,
• Tirebiter flyer
• Cheap Dog Frisbees (Wizzo)
Chuckit! Frisbee
• and many more!

You name it, we’ve tried it!


There are disc dog competitions where they compete on various things such as freestyle and toss and fetch. Some of the big organizations / competitions include: Ashley Whippet Invitational, Skyhounds, The UFO.

Frisbee is a trademark name of a brand of flying disc.

So, what would Patch and I recommend?

If your dog is a beginner, then your dog will chew the dog frisbee. This is ok, cause they’re learning that it is a fun toy to play with, eventually you will get them to concentrate on chasing and catching the Frisbee instead of chewing it. But for now, we would recommend a Frisbee that is durable such as: theKong Frisbee (about $10), or the Petstages ORKA Flyer blue frizbee that costs a bit more but lasts a super long time (or until you lose it).

If your dog is a chewer, then, you should definitely spend the money to get a good solid Frisbee. Often these wont fly as well, but they will withstand your dogs teeth until your dog doesn’t chew as much. We would recommend:Kong Rubber Flyer or the Petstages ORKA Flyer.

If your dog is in the learning middle stage, where it chases and isn’t chewing as much, then you will need a Frisbee that can withstand chewing, but also flies better. We would recommend: Kong, The Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer andChuckit! Frisbee. The Ruffdog K9 flyer is thinner than the Kong but still rubbery, plus it flies better than the Kong Rubber Frisbee , or the Chukit frizbee (either Flying Squirrel, or Disc style), which is stronger than the Softbite fabric disc.

If your dog strays with the frizbee, then, you should get a bright coloured Frisbee- neon pink is excellent because you can notice it very easily in the grass or on the brown ground. The clear, black, light blue, white etc. ones are much more difficult to spot on the grass and you’ll then have lost your new toy. We would recommend: Kong , Softbite nylon frisbee, and Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer .

If your dog catches the Frisbee, we would recommend the Softbite Floppy Disc nylon Frisbee or Hyperflite JAWZ Disc. This is because as it flies, the Frisbee will stay up longer so your dog can get at a better angle to catch it. They are also soft and so they are supposed to not damage your dogs teeth as much. This Frisbee is not recommended for chewers. We would also recommend getting a few extra as they often get lost and over time they do wear out.

For snow or cold weather, many dog Frisbees get brittle and break. In warm weather, they’re pliable, chewable, and then in the cold weather they’re too hard. It hurts your dogs teeth, gums and mouth. Patch would come back with a bloody mouth so we had to switch Frisbees in the winter. We would recommend Petstages ORKA Flyer, Kong Rubber Frisbee , or Softbite Floppy Disc Nylon Frisbee . For the winter, and make sure to get something that isn’t white, or you might lose it too! Overall, it is quite easy to lose Dog Frisbees in the snow.

For playing near the water, we would recommend Softbite Floppy Disc Nylon Frisbee or Petstages ORKA Flyer. Many of the more sturdy dog Frisbees are not very good for floating and so your dog will take it to the water, drop the frisbee, get a drink, and then not be able to find the Frisbee.
Patch and I have spent hours looking for sunken Dog Frisbees, him dunking his head under, and us trying to feel it with our feet. We were successful, but got a new kind of floating Frisbee (Softbite Floppy Disc Nylon Frisbee or Petstages ORKA Flyer).

Easy Descriptions overview of Dog Frisbees:

Softbite Floppy Disc: My favourite Frisbee for my Frisbee dog. • Fly for a long time and can fly far distances so Patch has to run far to catch this Nylon Frisbee .
• Not meant for dogs that chew. Very durable for a cloth frizbee.
• Float.
• Made of nylon.
• Neon green and pink colour.

Petstages ORKA Flyer:
• Good all season frizbee
• Flies better than the Kong Frisbee,
• Floats,
• Blue.

Kong Rubber Frisbee:
• Durable,
• Red so easy to find.
• Good for beginner dogs cause doesn’t fly fast.

Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer :
• Flatter version of Kong Frisbee.
• Flies better than Kong,
• Many colours,
• Quite durable.

Hyperflite JAWZ Disc:
• Used in disc dog competitions,
• Don’t float,
• Glow in the dark, so can find at night better than some,
• Very durable.

Chuckit! Frisbee
• Heavy duty canvas very strong
• Sink
• Come in different shapes / styles, such as the flying squirrel

Stay away from cheap Frisbees, as your dog will chew them to pieces in no time!!!

What Other Pet Owners Have Said:

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Aerobie Superdisc Not rated yet
We have a boston terrier who goes crazy for frisbees in fact we have banned people from saying the word in the house unless they are going to go outside …

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