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Training Your Dog To Stay Easily...
an important skill. 

Training your dog to stay is a very important and useful skill.  For example, you want them to stay during an obedience or agility competition, or if you want your dog to stay further away from you. 

This is one of those skills that is ALWAYS handy to have.  It could also save their life, if they are off the leash and a car comes, and you tell them to ‘stay’ until the car goes by.  Plus, it will make your dog look VERY well behaved! Which is something that we all want!


Once your dog has mastered ‘Sit’, they can learn ‘stay. 

Training your dog to Stay :

1) Get your dog to ‘sit’. 

2) Then, use a hand command, and say ‘stay’.  With the leash still on them, step back one step from your dog, while facing the dog.  And stay there, while saying ‘stay’, ‘stay’ in a calm, reassuring voice.

3) Then after several minutes, say the release word such as ‘ok’, or ‘come’.  Remain consistent using the same word every time.


If they stand up, then, right away, say ‘sit’, and then say ‘stay’, so that they know that they should stay.


Note: You need to remain consistent with your commands. You can use whatever word you want, but always the same word. If multiple people in the family will be working with your pet, make sure you all agree on the single commands to be used.


We usually do the ‘stay’ command when we are about to let our dog off the leash at their favourite park. 


4) The next time you are training them to stay, take 2 steps back, while calmly saying ‘stay’. 

Each time you do this task, walk further away, until you are able to turn away from your dog and not even face them.  


Once successfully trained, you should be able to say 'stay' once, and walk away from your dog, until you give them a ‘release’ command.


But, getting to this stage takes lots of time and practice.


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