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Squeaky Dog Toys :
A much loved crunchy and squeaky toy

Does your dog love squeaky dog toys?  

Does your dog love to crunch water bottles?

Would you like a dog toy that doesn't look like an ugly water bottle? 

Our dog Abbie, LOVES anything that squeaks and also water bottles that crunch, but we hate having our house look like a a recycling bin.  

So, we tried these bottle holding squeaky dog toys.  

The first time we brought it in to the house, and crunched the toy, Abbie got all excited!!! 

We tossed it to her, and she started what she loves to do... first she decided to pull out the squeakers... But, for her, this means the 'animal' is partly dead as it's not squeaking...

Then, she starts at the water bottle.  She squeezes and crunches the water bottle inside of the 'stuffed animal', till the water bottle is 'dead' too.  


  • The best thing about this toy, is that 'once it's dead', it's not really dead.  You just need to replace the water bottle with a fresh, new, clean one.  
  • One thing that's great about this toy, is that there is a velcro opening pouch so that the bottle doesn't come out easily.
  • Helps protect your dogs mouth from chewing sharp plastic edges that can cut the gums.  
  • The cover mutes the water bottle sound so it's not as loud and annoying.


  • This toy is great for dogs that like to crunch, but not for those dogs that are SUPER destructive.  If your dog is super destructive then you should check out other toys such as this toy.
  • Not suitable for unsupervised play (although most toys should be supervised)

But, if your dog loves to crunch water bottles then this is the dog that you should check out for your dog.  It's pretty cheap, so even if they partly destroy it, then you haven't lost out on much, and it lasts longer cause water bottles are cheap to replace.

We usually like to buy a few, and then if Abbie loses one in the house, then she has another to crunch and chew on till we find her first one.    She just LOVES them and thinks that she's the most special dog in the world when she gets these.

There are two main squeaky dog toys like this: 
(Click on the one you like the best to find out more!!! and see reviews from other dog owners)

One is the racoon or fox like toy which is a bit cheaper and has the squeaker in the tail, while the second style one has the squeaker attached to the water bottle top so isn't as easy to remove (depending on the dog ... of course).

The Racoon or Fox toy (squeaker in tail)

Pawdoodles Krinklers Fox
Pawdoodles Krinklers Raccoon

Check out the other Pawdoodles Krinklers dog bottle dog toys.

The Bottle Buddy squeaker dog chew toy (squeaker attached to bottle) 

Monkey Squeaker Dog Plush Chew Toy Dog Squeaker Dog Chew Toy
Squeaker Dog Chew Toy Pig Plush Pet Bottle Chew Toy
Lion Plush Chew Bottle Toy Bottle Buddies Halloween Devil Squeak Toy

Check out the other Bottle Buddy dog bottle squeaky toys . There are SO MANY to choose from!!!

I hope that this page helps you to pick out a great way to hide the ugly dog water bottles that your dog LOVES to crunch!!!

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