Best Dog Breed For Families

We have the best dog breed for families so when choosing a dog for family look for our tips on what would be the best family dog.

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First off, THOUSANDS of dogs get put into shelters DAILY because families did not know the steps behind choosing a dog for family.

There is a best family dog for the family, but your family lifestyle and personality go a long way in determining the best dog breed for families.

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Tip #1 Choosing A Dog For Family
Is all of the family ready for a canine ?

You need to ask each member of your family would you want to be a family with dog... because one member, or more than one person who opposes could spell trouble when finding the best dog breed for families. The reason I say that is if some of the family members are opposed then the canine will ultimately suffer.

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Tip #2 Best Dog Breed For Families
What are the current ages of your family members - and what about in 10 years ?

Another question to ask the family while you are on the topic of best dog breed for families is what size family is yours ? Large families are great for keeping the dog occupied and releasing all it's energy, but small families work well also.

Does your family consist of small children or are you expecting to have some new children added to the family in the future (remember dogs will average around 10 years in their life span).

Are the mother or father in law moving in anytime soon ? If so this needs to be taken into consideration on the best family dog.

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Tip #3 Best Dog Breed For Families
Is there enough money in the budget for a four legged member of the family ?

Pass the chips around because we are not finished yet with the decision process for the choosing a dog for family.

So we have asked each other are we committed to a dog at this time in our lives and the near future, the next question that has to be answered when finding the best dog breed for families is can your family afford another member of the family ?

With owning a dog comes the fiscal responsibility of the following:

  • Annual vet bills - yearly shots, emergency vet bills
  • Annual medication for heartworm and fleas
  • Food - and of course dog treats
  • Any dog obedience training classes
  • Dog grooming - baths, hair cuts (breed specific), nail trimming
  • Dog accessories - collars, leads, bowls, gates, grooming tools
  • Toys and lots of 'em
  • Dog boarding or pet sitting while on vacation

Choose The Best Dog For Family

Would you buy a motorcycle for a family of six or let your children go with some stranger - NO - so choosing a dog should not be a spur of the moment decision because that leads to the poor animal becoming one of the thousands that end up in shelters on a daily basis.

Take a look at this good book on helping choose the best dog for the children in the family.

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Tip #4 Choosing A Dog For Family
Is the space where the canine will large enough ?

OK, I can tell that Junior is getting antsy so let's move right along with more relevant questions about the best family dog possible. Where is your residence where the new canine will be raised ? Are you living in an apartment, condo or townhouse ? Are you thinking of, or already are, living in a house ? If so does the house have a fenced yard ?

My point here is that you need to think about the size and personality which are important in deciding what the best dog breed for families is.

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Tip #5 Choosing A Dog For Family
Does the family want a pure bred or a mixed breed ?

Now I promise one last question - but these questions need to be answered honeslty so we can choose the best dog breed for families. Does Jane who is in the fourth grade have her heart set on a pure bred Chihuahua ? Or does the family mind if they get a mixed breed ?

This is important when finding the best dog breed for families because keep in mind that pure bred dogs are great companions if they are bought from a reputable breeder, otherwise the poor animal might be so inbred that they have emotional and behavioral problems. In their defense you cannot really blame them for the breeders genetically screwing up their lives. So keep that in mind when selecting your best dog breed for families.

On the other hand, a mixed breed from one of the many wonderful dog adoption centres can contain many mixed breeds that usually have a better temperament than a lot of pure bred canines. These "mutts" as they are often called, once placed in a stable home make for fantastic companions and can be classified as the best dog breed for families. They realize the rough road they have been through and are very appreciative of their new owners for giving them a second chance, because the previous circumstances were typically not their fault.

Best Dog Breed For Families (Up To 20 lbs)
Affenpinscher - Loves to amuse the whole family.

Bichon Frise - Gets along with all age groups

Border Terrier - Exceptional with children

Cairn Terrier - Loves to play in children's games

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Best with older children

Cesky Terrier - Great with kids and other dogs

Chinese Crested - Low maintenance, needs to be around people

Coton De Tulear - Lively, will interact with young and old

Dandie Dinmont Terrier - Good for apartment living, big dog attitude

English Toy Spaniel - Best suited for single person or small family

Fox Terrier Smooth - Needs affection, tolerant of children's antics

Havanese - Small enough to be in the house a lot, not a yapper

Jack Russell Terrier - Very active, watch out for the family cat

Miniature Schnauzer - Great companions, very protective of the family

Pekingese - Loyal family member, will bark if family is in danger

Pug - Good with children for shorter periods of time

Scottish Terrier - Excellent watch dog, can get moody

Shetland Sheepdog - Great with children, even temperament

Shih Tzu - Can be both a gentle lapdog and a good watchdog

Skye Terrier - Needs attention, early socialization calms them down

Toy Fox Terrier - Very energetic, needs to be the center of attention

Toy Poodle - Good with children, friendly and cheerful

West Highland White Terrier - Good companion, issues with pets

Yorkshire Terrier - Fearless watchdog, supervision with small children

Best Dog Breed For Families (20 - 70 lbs)

American Eskimo - Will defend family, good companions

American Pit Bull Terrier - Good family dog when trained correctly

American Water Spaniel - Very good with children and other family pets

Basset Hound - Gentle, mild personality makes for good family dog

Beagle - Gentle and loves company of family, must control loud bark

Bearded Collie - Thrives with kids, needs human contact

Boston Terrier - Great with kids and elderly, popular family breed

Briquet Griffon - Loves activities with family

Brittany - Highly energetic, needs active family

Canaan - Will provide protection for family or singles

Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Basic herding instincts protect children

Cesky Terrier - Love people, especially children if raised with them

Chinese Sharpei - Excellent family dog, socialize early

Cocker Spaniel - Loves family activities, tolerant of young children

English Bulldog - Bonds very strongly with family members.

English Cocker Spaniel - Very playful with families and singles.

English Springer Spaniel - Very friendly and sociable breed.

Finnish Spitz - Gets along with all aged family members.

French Bulldog - Affectionate and loving, loves children.

Irish Terrier - Loyal, protective, gets along great with active children.

Kerry Blue Terrier - Loyal, loves to be around people, high energy.

Miniature Australian Shepherd - Very compliant, listens to children.

Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers - Alert, patient, loves family.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Happy, loyal, great with families

Polish Owczarek Nizinny - Affectionate, can live in a small space

Portugese Water Dog - Smart, even tempered, loyal

Puli - Lively, enjoys family, will adjust to most surroundings

Samoyed - Loveable, people oriented, great family companion.

Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier - Great with children, knows limits

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Stable, intelligent, obedient.

Standard Schnauzer - Dominant dog about their toys, food or space

Welsh Springer Spaniel - Energetic, loyal, loves children

Welsh Terrier - Loving, loyal, put up with children rough housing

Whippet - Sweet, docile, calm, best suited for the elderly.

So now the family has agreed that they want a four legged companion so the next question to ask the crew is who is going to raise this new companion ?

To have an obedient dog you must know how to train them, and if they are a puppy then you will really need to understand the work involved in getting them housebroken and obedient.

So the best family dog would be one that fits into the temperament and activity level comparable with the amount of time and space you have available.

Remember, you being the dog owner are responsible for any of it's actions, so a good obedience training program is essential to stop any unnecessary biting, damaging of property or encounters with other pets in the neighborhood. So another thought to keep in mind when choosing a dog for family.

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Take the quiz for choosing dog and see if a mutt or one of the many pure bred breeds from our dog breed selector . And while you are here go and meet the rest of the family, and remember... do not be a stranger because dogs are family is where you will never be in the doghouse.

Here is a family site with advice columns, activity ideas and free stuff for the children, check out Family ABC's

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