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Dog Treat Recipe:
Delicious Pup-sicles! 

A tried and tested dog treat recipe… and well received!


So many dog treats these days are just chemicals that are supposed to taste and smell like meat.  Most of the ingredients are completely unpronounceable, and certainly not healthy.

We refuse to feed our dogs these disgusting unnatural dog treats.  If I wouldn’t eat it, I certainly shouldn’t feed it to our dogs.

One thing that we do give our dogs as a treat is meat filled pig hoofs.  They absolutely

LOVE these meat filled treats! They will gnaw on them and nibble out all the meat, leaving an empty hoof that they sometimes bring to bed – oh the smelly joys!  But, they LOVE it, and it’s a delicious treat, so we decided to figure out a way to re-use the empty hoofs.

Make your own Dog Loved pup-sicles.

Ingredients for dog treat recipe:


·      Empty pig hoofs


·      A Meat tube such as naturalbalance dog food rolls. 


·      A hand blender (as seen in picture below)




1)    Collect several empty pig hoofs after your dog has nibbled all the meat out. Set Aside.


2)    Open the dog food roll, and squeeze it and chop it into a bowl.


3)    Slowly add water to the dog food roll in a bowl and mix with hand blender until it is the consistency of thick paste / playdough.


4)    Once the food roll is of the right consistency, wet the inside of the hoofs and then fill the hoofs with the mixture and place on a cookie sheet.


5)    Once all the hoofs are filled, place them all in the freezer overnight (or longer) until you’re ready to give them as a treat to your dogs! 


6)    For clean-up, let your dogs clean-up the meat in the bowl!  All kids (even furry ones), love to help cook!




We give these treats to our dogs when we go to work in the morning to keep them happy and busy.  We will usually make a batch for the week on the weekend before so they’re ready for the following week.


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Try making homemade dog food for your pups!  They’ll love it.


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