New Dog Breeds

Our new dog breeds or hybrid dogs, details the newer breeds including the puggle and labradoodle. You can even create a different dog names by breed for these newcomers into the dog breed history.

There are a number of different new dog breeds these days, far more than the popular Labradoodle or puggle. Before getting into the descriptions of some of these hybrid dogs, it is important to understand a few things.

One is that while some of these hybrid dogs may seem strange, breeding different kinds of mixed dogs isn't something new, although the science to it is better. Breeding mixed or hybrid pets is really old school, if a person stops to think about it.
From ancient times, dog breeders have experimented with taking the characteristics they liked in one breed of dog, to change something about another breed. It could be that they wanted to take the calm disposition from one animal to reduce the excitement in another, or to suppress the aggressiveness.

Take a look at our dog names by breed and see if you like any of those names for the new four legged labradoodle or puggle or whatever hybrid dog is your companion .

One of the reasons that these new dog breeds started was for allergy reasons. In the late seventies, an Australian breeder was trying to find a way to provide a seeing eye dog to a woman, but her husband had a problem with being allergic to most dog breeds.

Through trial and error, and after many suggestions, a Labrador and a poodle were interbred, producing the first Labradoodle. These dogs were smart, as a Labrador often is, easy to train, but also had the characteristics of a poodle, namely a coat that didn't shed.

Go and get a gift for the new dog breed at our dog gift store . The American Canine Hybrid Club notes that now there are more than five hundred new dog breeds, hybrids of different dogs. In addition to the Labradoodle, there is the Puggle, the Woodle, which is a Welsh Terrier and Poodle mix, Cockapoos, (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle,) and this is just a few.

One of the most popular, and almost as well known is the puggle, a hybrid cross of the beagle and pug. These pets don't have the flat faces that pugs have, they are small, are allergy friendly, and are ideal for those people who live in apartments or that have families.

Take a look at our
list of hypoallergenic dogs to understand what dog breeds are so allergy friendy and the reasons why.

They only grow up to fifteen inches in height, and weigh just up to 26 pounds, making them an all around good pet for just about any household. They hardly shed, which can be great for people with dander problems. So go over to our dog gift store and spoil that adorable puggle with some of our many dog gifts not only for Fido but you the owner as well.

The Labradoodle, another extremely popular breed, has a great temperament. They come in three different sizes, large, medium and small. They are not aggressive, sociable, and extremely smart.

They are highly trainable, making this hybrid dog a great assistance dog. Because they don't shed, they make great pets for those with allergies. Now even people that are allergic to dogs but want a pet, can.

One the downside is that many of these new dog breeds are expensive. For a few examples, the puggle can cost as high as a thousand dollars, depending on breeder. Labradoodles can fetch an even higher cost, up to three grand in some cases.

Does this put a damper on their popularity? No. In fact, they can be a form of prestige for some people. This is one of the reasons why many actors and other famous people own them.

You can find an abundance of information about the breeds that make up these hybrid dogs at our dog breed selector page. These new dog breeds are popular for some very good reasons.

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