Please Consider Dog Pet Adoption

Only 1 out of 10 dogs find a home !

Dog Adoption

Look at dog pet adoption first please from any of the shelters some of which may allow adopt a dog for free. It is always adopt a shelter dog month so go to many dog adoption centers first.

Startling statistic but realisitc in how many dogs never make it out of the shelters.

There are so many lovable dogs that are stuck in dog adoption shelters or eventualy put to sleep. Do not wait for any specific adopt a shelter dog month because these poor canines are waiting for a dog pet adoption.

I speak from experience when I say please adopt a dog from the many great dog adoption shelters nationwide as they can be your pet finder for getting your new "paw-fect" friend. We have adopted dogs over the years and currently own three that we did rescue from dog adoption shelters so dog pet adoption is great for the dogs of the world with no place they can call home.

Dog pet adoption is not for everyone however. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself first before adopting:

  • What type of dog will fit your lifestyle ?
  • Are you ready for the committment of a dog ?
  • How old are the members of your family ?
  • Are there any other pets in your household ?
  • Are you ready to train your new companion ?
  • Will you be able to afford your dog's health and safety ?
  • Does your living space have enough room for a four legged addition?

When thinking of dog pet adoption ask yourself if someone in your family has allergies and specifically to dogs. If so then go check out our list of hypoallergenic dogs to see which canines the allergy sufferers can live with.

On that note, our non shedding dog breeds is another list of dogs that reside well with allergy sufferers.

What Type Of Dog Will Fit Your Lifestyle ?Dogs love companionship and relish their walks so if you travel quite often or work extremely long hours then now may not be the appropriate time for a dog pet adoption. If your pooch is left alone for long periods of time then it can lead to behavioral problems.

Are you ready for the committment of a dog adoption ?With any dog pet adoption you will be responsible for that loved one for hopefully 10 - 20 years. We all know that our lives are constantly changing (moves, birth of children, etc.) so it takes a true committment to keep our furry companions through the good and bad times after a pet adoption. So often we see that a dog was the star in a movie and people have to have one - and guess what - they are in a shelter a year later.

How old are the members of your family ?If you have a new born or toddlers some families will wait until their children are a little older before going through with a dog pet adoption. When we adopted our latest puppy (Josephine) she instanlty fell in love with my adopted daughter Tia who was three years old at the time. Now Josephine will not let anyone harm Tia and is her best friend.

Are there any other pets in your household ?When we adopted Murphy (who is now 11) she ruled the house. Then we adopted Riley (he is now 7) and those two at first were like oil and water. It didn't mix. But as time went on they became good buddies. Which leads us to our third adoption (Josephine) as I mentioned earlier. When she became old enough she had to be the boss.

It goes to show you that if you have another pet (cat, dog, etc.) expect that their might be friction initially so bring your existing pet if at all possible onto the shelter to see how they get along.

Are you ready to train your new companion ?Lack of proper training is one of the biggest reasons that dogs get returned to shelters. When trained right you and your dog will become more compatible and have a better relationship.

Does Your living space have enough room for a four legged additionThe amount of space is an important factor when you adopt a dog. Plus if you rent then you will need to check with the landlord if they allow pets.

Will you be able to afford your dog's health and safety ?After your dog adoption there will be some costs associated with your pet rescue. After you buy them their initial neccessities (collars, leashes, bowls, etc.) dogs can be a relatively inexpensive pet.

  • food
  • heartworm pills
  • flea and tick treatment
  • license
  • collars and leashes
  • food and water bowls
  • of course dog goodies
  • shots
    • rabbies shots
    • distemper shots

So now you have thought about the questions on adopting a dog and realize that you had the right intentions all along ! Great.

Next I would like to explain the difference between a dog pound, dog shelter and a humane societies. They are differentiated by their mission and how they are funded.

Dog PoundIn short a dog pound is a shelter (or animal control) that is public or tax funded. These types of animal shelters being publicly funded have to answer to a city, town or county so their mission becomes constrained.

Typically the dogs at a dog pound do not stay up for dog adoption for very long. These pet shelters take in strays, forfeited and siezed dogs.

Since these types of dog shelters are run by government money they usually do not provide any shots or get them fixed.

But please do not rule out looking for a great dog from a dog pound when you go to adopt a dog.

Dog ShelterThis type of animal shelter takes in dogs but is usually run off of private funds or donations. Many of these dog adoption centers are no kill but some still euthanize. Typically a dog shelter will have the dog up for adoption longer than a dog pound and will provide shots, neutering and other medical treatments.

Humane SocietiesThese are typicall privately funded organizations interested in humane treatment of animals. Their core beliefs are derived from the unique and reciprocal bond that exists between animals and humans where a sense of responsibility to animals is of the utmost importance. Dog adoption is at the center of their values.
Now that you have answered all the adoption questions and understand the difference between a dog pound, shelter and humane society you are ready for the next step in our dog discovery process.

I would like to test yourself to see what type of dog really interests you. You can do that by going to our choosing dog breed quiz . This will give you a better idea as to what type of dog will meet your expectations.

Here is one of the great places to adopt a puppy , so please check it out and you will not only save a dog from a shelter, you get a puppy !

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