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Kong dog toy :
Why Kong toys are great!

Are Kong Dog Toy are worth the money? What sorts of Kong toys are available? Will your dog love Kong toys ? I’ll tell you all about whether our dog loved Kongs and great ideas on how to use them! And you can share your crazy Kong stories!

Kong Toys makes many kinds of Kong Dog Toys. Generally they are made from a super durable rubber with a deep red colour. They now make Kong toys in many different colours.

Their trademark, KONG Classic Toy is the toy in the shape of a snowman, with a hollow end. It comes in several sizes for your many sized dogs.

You can use it as a ball, but when it hits the ground it will bounce in many crazy directions to keep your dog on his toes!

Another great idea is to stuff some sort of treat inside so your dog has to try and get it out. It can keep them busy for quite some time, and they don’t destroy your important toys. Plus, Kongs have special treats meant to go inside their products (called KONG Stuff'N Snacks).

These Kongs are SUPER durable. Ours has lasted years, through many dogs, and is still going strong!

Kong also has made the Kong Rubber Frisbee
. This is a good Frisbee for warm weather. Once it gets a little tear though, the rest of the Frisbee will come apart, pretty much like a ring. It is still fine cause Patch and Daisy then used it as a tug toy, so it extends the life of the toy, giving it a new life! If you want to know more about Dog Frisbees visit here.

KONG Squeakair Tennis Balls
it looks like a tennis ball, but squeeks! They last a decent length of time, and the dogs love to hear it squeak.

Are Kong Toys worth the money?If you want something for your dog to chew, that it won’t destroy, then yes, Kong dog products will last.

What sorts of Kong toys are available?

KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy

Kong Rubber Frisbee

KONG Squeakair Tennis Balls


KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy (a ball to stuff with treats)

KONG Jump'N Jack Dog Toy

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

…to name a few ….

Will your dog love them?Probably. If you want to get your pup to know what itcan chew, get a basic kong toy and put some of it’s favourite treats inside, and watch him or her try and get them out. It’ll keep him or her busy for ages!

Are they as durable as they say?Yes, nothing is completely indestructible, but the Kong dog toy will last a long time. The Frisbee is a bit less durable, but it still lasts quite a while and is good for a beginner Frisbee chewer.

Overall, our dogs have enjoyed their Kong product toys. From, the traditional Kongs , to the Kong Toy Squeeker, to the Kong dog toy Frisbee. Plus they’re always coming out with new Toys, to keep your dog busy!

Check out a great selection of Kong Toys online and purchase one today!

KONG Classic Toy ,

Kong Rubber Frisbee ,

KONG Squeakair Tennis Balls (our dogs favourite! your dog will surely love it too)


KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy (a ball to stuff with treats)

KONG Jump'N Jack Dog Toy

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

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