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Symptoms Dog Illness :
Understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

The most common symptoms dog illness or dog illness signs and symptoms are detailed here to keep your dog healthy.

At age 8 years old, our dog Misse started losing weight (yet still eating), drinking large quantities of water. We took her to the vet and it turned out she had diabetes. We paid for her to go on insulin and be treated and she lived another ten years!

Most of the time we are not very good at telling if our canine family members are sick. If your husband or child is sick, they will tell you with words that they don't feel well, however dogs are only able to communicate with their body language which we may not notice right away. Plus, I know that some dogs have a high pain tolerance, so don't show if they're in pain or sick. Our dog Patches is one of those dogs, so we have to pay special attention to him.

I found this instant question box, so you can ask your question (perhaps your vet is closed), so you can find out more detailed information now before going to the vet or even save yourself a vet visit!

Dog Illness Symptoms #1 - Check their Vitals

If you think you there are symptoms dog illness the first thing an owner should do is get their dog's vitals signs which are:

  • Heart Rate
  • Respitory Rate
  • Temperature

You can get your canine's heart rate by putting your hand over their heart or on the inside of their back leg and measure their pulse which is between 60 - 160 beats a minute.

Respitory rate is easliy measured by counting how many time their chest inflates and deflates per minute. You can also wet your finger and put it by their nose to find out their respitory rate. The average respitory rate is 10 - 30 breaths per minute.

To check their temperature a digital thermometer works best. Another way is to feel their nose (and compare to another pets nose).

Because it is so hard to recognize dog illnesses this concise and affordable book, that is writen by veterinarians (except one part), is a great resource for what may be ailing your canine

The authors of this book believe the best way to detect early signs of disease is to educate the owners on a canine's normal behavior and body functions such as cardiovascular, respitory, digestive, nervous systems and their senses, all explained in easy to understand terms.

This book book also details proper veterinary care, nutrition, vaccinations, grooming and spaying or neutering.A must have for any responsible dog owner.

Dog Illness Symptoms #2 - Weight Variance

Another important thing to keep an eye on is their weight. Are they gaining weight even though they are not eating as much ? Or have they lost weight and are still eating the same amount of food ?

So a weight variance is one of the dog illness symptoms.

Another tell tale factor of dog illness signs symptons is their appetite. Have they lost some or all of their appetite (maybe it is very hot outside).

If your dog has been put on some new medication recently that could be the reason for their increased or decreased appetite but if they do not eat for two days please call your vet because that could be one of the dog illnesses symptoms.

Symptoms Dog Illness #3 - Vomiting

Another of dog illnesses symptoms is vomiting. A dog's vomiting is not as big an alarm as those of their dog owners, because sometimes they will ingest something that they will want to purge. They may also throw up if they are hungry and have an empty belly. If you see your dog eating grass then they most likely have someting in their tummy that does not agree with them.

But ... if your canine vomits several times in a row, or pretty frequently, then that is a dog illness signs and symptoms that something is worng so take them to your vet.

Dog Illness Symptoms #4 - Increased Urination or drinking

Another symptoms dog illness is if they are drinking an excessive amount of water than normal. Sure if it is really hot or they had a nice long walk that is fine, but if they drink a lot of water that has them going potty more than before it could be a sign of diabetes (like our dog Misse) or kidney disease.

So if they start having accidents inside or are going potty more than usual then take them to your vet because it is one of the symptoms dog illness.

There are many more symptoms dog illness that indicate your dog is sick, such as blood in stool, urine, vomit, difficulty breathing, coughing, itching, lethargy, less energy than normal, and anything that is out of the ordinary for your dog.

Pet First Aid Course

Take a local pet first aid course. These are available at a similar price to human first aid courses and you'll learn many pet specific injuries and illnesses.

Pet Insurance

Maybe you've heard of pet insurance, but don't know much about it or where to start. Check out my other website on pet insurance. It explains what to watch out for, what makes a good company and what company i recommend after all my research.

Maybe you've heard of pet insurance, but don't know much about it or where to start. Check out my other website on pet insurance. It explains what to watch out for, what makes a good company and what company i recommend after all my research.

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