Less Than Cute

The wet nose, the whiskers, the puppy dog eyes, the flappy jowls and floppy ears, the way they chase their waggling tail… I could go on forever. Anyone who owns or has ever owned a cocker spaniel knows exactly what I mean, and the likelihood is if you are reading this, you are one of us. They may be in the same room as you, snoozing away in the corner. They may be sitting by your side, eagerly waiting for dinner. They may even have their front paws on your lap, wagging their tails and nudging your arm with their nose. But no matter how cute they are, there are a few features that are not the least bit cute about them. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Worms.

Worms can come in a number of forms, but most commonly you either get tape worms or roundworms. A tapeworm will attach itself to the gastro intestinal wall of your dog, and may stretch the entirety of its intestines. The worm is made of a length of small segments, which it will shed as it grows, meaning that you may notice these small white segments in the faecal matter produced by your dog. When you do, it is important that you act quickly in order to minimise the discomfort of your pet. Products such as Drontal Plus claim to be able to kill more varieties of ring- and tapeworm than other de-wormers on the market. This product can be used on all ages of dogs, but if you are concerned that your dog may be too young, Drontal Puppy Suspensionmay be the solution you are looking for.

Another more than irritating issue you may need to deal with as a dog owner is fleas. Fleas can be highly irritating to your pet, causing itching, scratching, sores and scabs. They can also jump away from your dog and spread throughout your house. This means that as well as buying a dog flea treatmentyou should also wash all fabrics and clean all surfaces that your dog may have come into contact with, else your dog, and possibly any other pets you may have may once more become infected.

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