Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

October is adopt a shelter dog month or adopt a dog month. If you are looking for a dog pet adoption we have many great dog adoption shelters to get a new canine friend.

Here at Dogs Are Family think every month is adopt a dog month, but October is officially the adopt a shelter dog month.

Some people might not realize that an adopted canine enrich not only your life, but those in your family and friends.

First you should check out our dog breed quiz to understand what type of canine really fits your lifestyle and those of your family members.

A must see is our dog breed selector that lets you know all the details of the many wonderful breeds out there.

I speak from experience when I say that dog pet adoption is a wonderful way to obtain a companion and loyal pet. The three dogs I currently own came from great dog adoption shelters . These loveable companions protect people, help fight crime, are great as service dogs, yet dog adoption shelters are full of supposedly unwanted dogs.

Make your own adopt a dog month and not wait until October if you can, so a furry friend can find a good home.

Did you know that the health benefits of animals is well documented ? Statistics on average say that dog owners receive these health benefits from owning their four legged friends:

  • Fewer bouts of depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Gain more exercise
  • Promote laughter
  • Great sounding board

Remember that a mixed breed tends to be less inbred which leads to a more docile pet, especially one who has sat in a shelter and is just looking for a good home.

So make any month an adopt a dog month by using the resources in our site to find that perfect furry companion.

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