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Free Basic Dog Training Tips :
From sit to impressive tricks and more!

Many free basic dog training tips including :

Training your dog to sit,   Training your dog to stay,  

Training your dog to come, Clicker training, Crate training a dog ,

plus more complicated, fun and interesting tricks to impress your friend.

If you want to teach your dog Hollywood tricks, then check out this trainer who teaches Hollywood dogs!

K9 Dog Training Club offers free dog training videos and great advice to train your dog, even if you've had difficulty in the past!

Everyone loves free, so on this site we give training tips and lessons so you can train your dog, but this training won't cover it all! 

With proper training, you can take your dog with you with the confidence they will remain under control. 


I will continue to add more training tips too.

Training your dog to come, in my opinion, the most important training skill your dog should learn.  Start here, for free basic dog training tips on teaching your dog to come.  Then continue teaching your dog other skills listed below. 


After teaching your dog to come, the next basic command is  training your dog to sit.  Once they learn sit, they can branch off to many other skills such as stay, down and more.

Once your dog can sit on command, they are ready to learn 'stay. Training your dog to stay  takes some time, but is a vital and important skill.  It is one of the first skills that we make sure to teach our dogs. You want them to be able to stay in one location until you release them by a command.

Many people think that they need to do is crate training a dog . We do not have crates, and if your dog is well exercised, walked, and trained, they do not need a crate, but we include it so that you know how to do it right (so it's not a punishment), and instead their own place.

A good training method is to clicker training your dog.  The dog learns the sound of the clicker so that they recognize that as a positive sound. Clicker training is a safe, effective way to get your dog to respond to your commands.  It works on positive reinforcement that teaches them to learn many incredible tricks.  I've seen pets learn lots of neat things done with this method.

Train your dog like a Movie Dog! Learn the methods used by Dove Cresswell who trains hollywood dogs.

Is your dog a problem dog? Hard to train? The K9 Dog Training Club has easy, do it yourself Videos, plus free videos to see if it really works!

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