Free Dogs Stuff ... Get These Before They Are No Longer Free

Check out all our free dogs stuff, and take advantage of all this great dog stuff for free. We at Dogs Are Family believe in helping our family to lots of free dog goodies. Who doesn't get excited for something that is free, remember Christmas morning ?

Free Dogs Stuff


Remember on Halloween when we would get all that FREE candy ! Or when the Easter bunny would leave all those great jelly beans and chocolate eggs ? Here at Dogs Are Family, it is always Halloween and Easter because we are always giving something away for free to all our family members.

Free Dog Clothes Patterns

Our free dog clothes patterns includes designs for extra small dog clothes up to large breed dog clothes. Why not save yourself and the family a few bucks and make your own dog clothes. When you make them yourself they are cheap small dog clothes or cheap large dog clothes. Your canine will be thrilled and you will have a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Free Dog Food Coupons

We list where free dog food coupons can be found when you are going to the neighborhood store, or you want to buy dog food online . We have plenty of ways to get free dog food coupons and they are brand names like Nutro dog food coupons , or maybe your dog has a taste for Natural Balance dog food so your are in need of some Natural Balance dog food coupons , or maybe a Purina One dog food coupon , and many more.

Free Dog Ebooks

Who wants more free stuff ? We have many very informative ebooks that you can get for free. Thinking of adopting a dog , then go and get the FREE Adopting A Dog ebook that is loaded with great information from choosing a breed to preparing your home for the new addition and then how you can enjoy your new four legged companion.
Want to find out what is good Dog Food for the canine of the family, including if table scraps shopuld be fed to your dog. Or is raw food a good diet for a dog, and what should you feed a pregnant or a senior canine ? All of these questions and more are answered in our Dieting Your Dog FREE ebook.
For those of you in the dog community that are just starting out with a family dog , then welcome to our dog community and we have a FREE ebook called Dog Basics For Newbies that is a must have for first time dog owners.
For those that are thinking about getting a dog for the children , then you need to read our FREE Dog Owner's Guide , that will answer some of the questions like what dog will fit into your lifestyle ? Can you afford a dog ? Dog training and more dog tips.
Ever wonder what flea bites would look like if you were bitten by one ? We have a great FREE ebook named Flea Bites On Humans , that has great pictures of what fleas look like and what the bites look like on people. It also tells you how you can attract fleas and how to get rid of them.
For those of us that already have our beloved dogs, then our FREE Dog Owners Handbook is a great source for all the tips for raising your canine. It is a handy reference that you can refer to as time goes by, whenever you neeed some advice when raising your dog.

Free Dog Training

We all have to train our dogs, so we offer FRRE basic dog training commands for so you can get your dog to obey whatever command you give them. From training your dog to sit , which is the first command they must learn, to training your dog to stay , so they do not get into trouble, and then training your dog to come , all of these free basic dog training tips will keep your dog under control so both you and your canine well get along fine together.

Free Dog Owners Handbook

We all can use some help raising our beloved canines, so our Dog Owners Handbook is a must have for when you need some advice on raising the four legged members of the family.

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