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Fun Dog Games

These Fun dog games and dog games for kids are for you and your family. Perhaps you're hosting a dog part, and need some inspiration, place these dog party games at your canine's next birthday.

Our dog games for kids are not just for the little ones in your family because adults love our dog games too... but don't tell the children !

We all love to play fun dog games like fetch or hide and seek, but these dog games for fur kids are great games that you can play even if you don't have a dog party... perhaps you just need some entertainment. Our dog party games are fun for all those who enjoy a party with the four legged members of the family.

We have many ways to amuse you with good old fun dog games.

So come back check out these fun dog games because we add new fun dog games to keep you from getting bored.

Dog Party Games

Ok so you have the gang over for Spot's big birthday party and all his buddies want to party so let's give 'em a party an play some fun dog games. Here are some dog party games that will get the party started.

Musical Mats

We all know and love musical chairs so why can't our pups play it too. You start by placing on less dog mat than dogs in attendance on the floor and fire up the cd player or radio and when the music stops... try and get your dog onto one of the mats before the others get there first. The pup that doen not get a mat gets to sit and watch the others.

Now get the dogs up and moving around and take away another mat, then turn off the music and watch them scamper for a mat. You get the idea - the dog that lays on the last mat is the winner and gets to stick their nose in the dog treat bowl and get a goodie.

Water Races

This is one of the great dog party games for the summer. With your doggie on a leash all dog owners line up and at the starting line where there is a table with small cups and water jugs. On GO the dog owners must fill up the small cup with water and then dash with their canine on ther lead, to the finish line and pour the water in the small cup into their designated larger cup. Wait, but that's not it my friend, the dog owners must go back to the start line and refill their small cup and race back to the finish line and fill their larger cup until it is full.

The first dog and dog owner team to fill their big cup wins and their canine gets to stick their nose in the dog treat basket and pull out a goodie and the tired dog owner gets a lemonade.

Hot Dog Gobbler - entertaining and fun for the dog!

Here is one of the dog party games my Murphy is sure to win and that is the hot dog gobbler game. You simply cut up a hot dog into 9 pieces and toss them into a kitty pool. Then let just one canine free to jump in the pool and see how fast they can eat the floating hot dogs. Do this for each individual dog and the one that gobbbles the 9 hot dog slices the fastest is the winner. The pups not only get a little food, they also get to cool off in the water.

Find The Dog Bone

This is a great game if you can put together some hay stacks. Open up some bails of hay and during the process sneak in a few dog bones. Then let the dogs go and the pup that sniffs out the dog bone fastest is the winner.

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