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Homemade Dog Toys :
7 amazing and cheap dog toys your pet will love!

Make your own homemade dog toys that your pooch will love. I guarantee you may have never thought of these things, and your dog will love them!

So, you want to keep your pooch happy, but don’t want to go out and spend tonnes of money on expensive dog toys.

Why not make your own homemade dog toys?

Below is a list of toys of cheap toys that can probably be found around the house. Some of these will be standard, of course they love them, while others you should give a try!!!

Be warned, these products will not be the same after…

1) Water bottle – Fill it with a few kernels of dog food and put in a small hole so he or she can smell it… and watch him or her take it apart. Even just an empty water bottle is something they like. They like the crunchy, crinkly noise.

2) Old children’s balls- deflated slightly so that they can bite it… then kick it around the yard. They’ll think they’re playing soccer, basketball, volleyball or football!! They’re great for the winter, when smaller toys can get lost in the snow. Plus they’re very durable (they last through kids!)

3) Teddybear- some gentle dogs, have a small teddybear that becomes a favourite toy. They don’t tear it apart, and carry it as their friend in their mouth. Daisy had a squirrel that she thought was a baby.

4) Toilet Rolls- Young puppies sometimes like to chew empty toilet rolls. Cardboard is pretty harmless.

5) Big Box- either upside down or right side up. Right side up, with a pillow, they will crawl and squeeze in!!! Our dogs like banana boxes. Larger boxes you can flip on their side, and if you have more than one dog, they will play hide and seek.

6) Kiddy Pool – you can buy a cheap kiddy pool at a garage sale, and if your dog is a water dog, they’ll love to splash, stand, or even lay in the pool.

7) Ice cubes- or better yet, freeze your dogs toy in a container of chicken broth. The dog will LOVE to lick their toy out!

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