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Make your own Dog Food: 
Delicious Healthy dog food recipes

Make your own dog food.


When our dog Misse became ill with Diabetes at the age of 9 years old.  We purchased the expensive veterinary canned food, but it didn’t agree with her stomach.  She had to be put on a low fat diet, and the only way we could ensure we knew what she was eating was to make it ourselves. 



We researched what are good ingredients, and found Rice, Lamb, and vegetables to be basic ingredients.  So, we experimented to create a delicious dog stew meal that they LOVE, plus it’s not even that expensive! It’s a delicious healthy dog food recipes that keeps your dog healthy and happy.  Who wants to eat the same meal DAY after DAY? 



Our natural dog food recipes

Ingredients for making your own dog food:

1 Very Large Pot

3 large bags of Bagged frozen vegetables- peas, green beans and mixed veggies (or more, as desired, the more the better. It's good fibre and healthy for your dog).

4 cups Brown rice (be careful not to add too much),

1 Large 10 lb bag of bulk fresh carrots - chopped in long narrow carrot stick size (not wide or they may get stuck in their throat).

2.4kg Meat: Lamb or other fresh lean meat according to your budget. It is important that it is lean meat only with most fat removed.


1. I cook all the meat in a large pot first and drain off all the fat.




2. Then I fill the same pot half full of water and simmer the carrots in the water (with the meat) until the carrots are still a bit crunchy but are cooked. Skim off any excess fat off the top if you see any.


3. Add bag of uncooked rice to the same pot.



4. Bring everything to a boil, then turn off, and let sit for several hours. This lets the meat flavor soak into the rice.


5. The meal will still be hot, but cooked.


6.  Once everything is cooked, add the frozen vegetables.


7. Stir everything so that it's evenly mixed.  Texture should be similar to a heavy thick stew.


8. To store the food, we put it meal sized portions into separate bags or containers and then put these into the freezer. When we are going to feed this to our dogs, we pull it out to defrost in the fridge or leave it in the oven (so the dog doesn't eat it). We leave it out the night before and it's ready for the morning.


Our dogs love it, and our dog Misse could only eat this home made dog food.

We like to add this to the dogs regular dry food several times a week for a delicious treat and for nutrients, but Misse was very healthy and this was her only food.  She lived to be 18 years old and eventually went off of insulin and became diabete free!  It’s amazing what a good diet can do for your health! 


We've even had people come over and notice the cooking smell and want to eat some themselves. It's actually quite tasty :D



While this might seem like a costly and time-consuming approach to feeding your dog, you may find that when you make your own dog food, it does prove to start saving you money off the costly bags of dog food and the vet bills that can be associated with your dog when they become ill.  If you purchase the ingredients in bulk and on sale, then you will be able to save money when you make your own dog food.


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