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Toys for Dogs :
Our Favourite Dog Toys

We share our Dogs opinions of toys for dogs, their likes and dislikes of the best dog toys. Plus share the durability of the many on the market.

It's almost like our dogs wrote it themselves!

If you’re like us, then you understand the happy look on your dogs face when you bring home a new puppy toy and they play with it, like a kid with a birthday gift.

Unlike your kids though, dogs don’t beg or plead for new toys, but they sure do show their appreciation, even if it falls apart in 10 minutes… this just means that they have a new and different toy!

Over the years we have tried almost EVERY canine toy on the market, from kong toys, to Frisbees, balls and puppy chew toys.

Now, our dogs have tried all these toys individually, and found out whether the ‘indestructible toy’ was actually indestructible, and how long $10 worth of toy lasts!

If you don’t want to waste your money testing each toy on your dog, or perhaps you’re looking for something different, then checkout the pages here on different toys and what our dogs thought of them (or at least what we think they thought), since our dogs can’t tell you themselves.

dog balls

Balls - A classic choice! Find out which ones are the best, last the longest, and are our dogs favourite.

dog frisbee

Frisbees – for those high energy disc dogs. If you have a Frisbee dog, then you will know that these things need to last. Find out which ones fly the best, are most durable and even which ones float!


Chuckit – your dogs will love these. Become a superhuman throwing machine with a chuckit.

kong dog toys

Kong toys – are they indestructible? Learn other ways to make these classic toys more fun for your pups, plus other amazing toys for dogs made by Kong!

Squeaky dog toys - I'll share our great experience with this wonderful squeaky, crunch dog water bottle toy that is well loved and easy on your dogs gums.

Homemade dog toys - Make your own!! Great ideas on simple toys that you can make at home and that your dog will love! Or, share your best dog toys creations.

As our dogs continue to try out new toys, we will keep updating this page with their input, likes and dislikes and new ideas.

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