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How to Stop Dog Barking :
Over 6 Ways to Stop Dog From Barking .

Stop Dog From Barking.
Multiple ideas on how to stop dog barking if you have a dog barking problem . Ideas on ALL stop dog barking devices , and dog barking control ideas.

How To Stop Dog Barking . Dog Barking Problem ? Want Dog Barking Control ? Information on stop dog barking devices with more ideas to stop dog from barking , even if you’ve tried it all!

There are multiple ways for dog barking control .

Does your dogs barking bug you? Is it driving you nutz and you need another idea on something to try? You just want an easy answer for how to stop dog barking ?

Some dogs bark out of boredom. Make sure that your dog is well exercised, and has toys to play with before using any of the below dog barking control methods for your dog barking problem .

1) Classic Discipline

These only work for dog barking problem if you are present when the dog barks.

a. Yelling- whenever your dog barks, say in a stern voice ‘Quiet’ or a simple command, and then praise the dog when it stops barking.
b. Spraying with water- if your dog barks, spray it with water. It will startle the dog, and stop dog from barking. Then, praise the dog when it stops. Some dogs think water spraying is a game and this method will not work with them.
c. Throwing something at the dog: Again, this startles the dog, and will stop dog from barking . Nothing hard, just something for them to realize that you’re not pleased with their barking. Use the term ‘quiet’ , or ‘No Barking’, at the same time, so they know that when you say ‘quiet’, or ‘No Barking’ that if they keep barking, then they’ll have a shoe or something thrown at them.
d. Time out- treat your dog like a kid, if they are going to bark, then put them in another room (perhaps away from the window and the squirrel they’re barking at). Then, let them out when they’re quiet, if they bark again, put them in their time out spot.
e. Praise for not barking-When they’re not barking, praise them, but this is better combined with the above methods.

But what about if your dog only barks when you’re not there, or if you dog is out of your reach? How to stop dog barking then ?

2) Vibration Bark Collar

a. Works by vibrating on their neck when your dog barks
b. Seems to work better on smaller dogs with less fur and thinner neck skin.

Check out the PetSafe Vibration Bark Control Collar.

3) Ultrasonic bark control

Emits a high pitched irritating noise that only your dog can hear. We have not used this product, as we do not want to punish every dog, if one dog barks.

a. Sound activated, so if it’s outside and another dog barks, your dog is punished - or you can stop your neighbours dog from barking.
b. Does not distinguish between barking when playing or asking to go out, or barking at a passing squirrel.
c. I’ve read that some peoples loud voices may activate it.
d. Apparently this can work well on smaller breed dogs, although some smaller breed dogs have a pitch of voice that may not set it off.
e. Most reviews about larger breed dogs say that this does not work on them (although some it does).
f. Overall the reviews were mixed, most people unsatisfied with ultrasonic bark control for their dog barking problem .
g. Can purchase this if your neighbors dogs are barking.
h. There are different brands and models of ultrasonic bark systems, and some have better reviews than others. The dog silencer pro and the ultimate dog silencer have decent reviews.

Read more about How to Stop Dog Barking with Ultrasonic Bark Control.

Check out the PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

4) Ultrasonic PLUS Vibration collar

a. The combination of two ‘less extreme methods’, often does the trick better than one on its own.
b. Similar complaints to the individual ultrasonic system and the vibration collar.

5) Citronella Collar

a. Sound activated for the dog barking problem.
b. Sprays a small amount of citronella smell (similar to oranges) at their face.
c. Less severe than the shock collar and it works on some dogs.
d. Not water proof.

Read our story and experience with a Citronella Collar and our Dog Barking Problem .

Check out: PetSafe Citronella Spray Bark Control

6) Shock or Static Collar

a. Several options- some that are activated by remote control, and others that are automatic when your dog barks.
b. Activated by vibration.
c. May seem severe, but sometimes, a last resort is better than having to get rid of your dog because it won’t stop dog from barking .

Read our story and experience with the Shock Collar and how we used it for Dog Barking Control.

Check out the PetSafe Water resistant Static Bark Collar

These are a few of the more common Bark Control Methods that people have used and that have worked on their dog, hopefully they have helped you to figure out how to stop dog barking .

Remember, that a dog that is well exercised and occupied, is less likely to bark (although this isn’t the perfect answer to your dog barking problem , thus the methods above).

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