Dog Jumping Fence

Tips for stopping dog jumping fence are detailed in this page. A portable dog fence, chain link dog fence or invisible dog fence can keep the dog jumping under control.

You may not believe it, because we love our dogs soooo much, but others may not have those same feelings.

The reason behind a dog jumping fence behavior is called "self rewarding". This means they jump the fence in order to get what they want.

Dog Jumping Fence

You see, on the other side of that fence might be the cute little female that Fido has been eyeing, or some delicious looking flowers that look great for snacking.

Some dogs jump out of fear, boredom or lack of exercise. Whatever the reason, a good way to prevent dog jumping fence is to purchase a chain link dog fence, or a portable dog fence to keep the relations with the neighbors positive.

This is why the best way to prevent a dog jumping fence, is to get a chain link dog fence, or a portable dog fence. That way you will help keep relations with the neighbors positive.

Dogs love people so much they are willing to try anything like dog jumping so they can get where they want. So if you have a dog jumping fence problem, they most likely want to play with the neighbors, or even worse relieve themselves in the neighbor’s yard.

This of course is not friendly neighbor relations, as your canine can create burnt out areas in their grass, stink up the place with their droppings, or even get into those beloved flowers that take forever to grow and are wiped out from one dog jumping fence episode.

Chain Link Dog Fence

We suggest a chain link dog fence with the correct height that your dog will not attempt to scale it to get at the neighbor's swimming pool. A chain link dog fence is durable, and allows them to see outside their yard which is good for the dog's sanity.

Wood of course decays, and most wood fences are board on board or stockade, in effect that leaves whoever is on the other side to their imagination, which can make your pet even more hyper.

A chain link dog fence is also more affordable than a wooden fence and can be rubber coated for stylish durabliity.

A chain link dog fence also adds security to the situation so that your dog does not decide to bite or harm another dog or a person because they are protecting their home.

Portable Dog Fence

Say you are going to grandma's for the weekend and she has some dogs of her own that do not behave very well with your beloved canines.

The best solution is a portable dog fence that can be packed with the rest of your belongings for the trip, or just have one already there for when you vist good old grandma.

Another good reason for using a portable dog fence is if you are entertaining, and have little ones over and need to keep your dog at bay from harming any of the younger ones.

A chain link dog fence is a good portable dog fence because it is light in weight and very mobile.

More Tips On Keeping Your Dog In The Yard

  • If you already have a fence, then make sure there are no holes in it, because they will find their way out.

  • Check that they have not taken the underground route to the neighbor's by checking if they have dug UNDER the fence.

  • Put something in front of the fence like some large plants, or even another fence, to not allow for the "runway" effect of gaining speed before they jump next door.

  • You can aslo get an invisible fence, which work great and of course allow for the natural look your yard deserves.

Dog Jumping

A dog jumping fence behaviour is different than a dog jumping in place. Canines will jump at people unless trained correctly because they just want to see you face to face. How is this done, by dog jumping.

  • The first rule of thumb to stop dog jumping is to get down to their level by kneeling or squatting. Now they can see you and have no reason to jump.

  • The second way to stop dog jumping is to turn your back on the canine and do not look at them. They do not like being ignored so you have to be patient and not make eye contact with them until they have settled down by sitting and waiting for their owner to acknowledge them.

  • One more method to get your dog to stop dog jumping is that when they jump at you, grab their front paws and start moving them backwards. After a few steps put their front paws down and firmly tell them "down" so they will finally learn that dog jumping will result in a tone of voice and a walking backwards regime that they are not comforatble with.

Just remember that with any dog training that you are consistent in your methods and all those in your family also train the same way because varying methods of training will confuse them and you will not get your point across.

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