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Gifts for Dogs :
Great dog gift ideas for your pup

Dogs appreciate all gifts for dogs that you get them. These tested dog gift ideas are sure to make your dog happy.

Dogs are pretty easy to please, but they're also like kids... and they destroy things easily. They love the toy to death! These toys below have been tested by our dogs, or are made by great companies that make high quality dog products.

These products link to Amazon, in case you can't get them at your local pet store. Plus, I find that Amazon has some pretty great deals, and if you get $25 or more stuff you get free shipping, so it even saves gas to go to the store! I'm a huge fan of Amazon. Plus, click on the toys below and see what other people thought of these dog things with Amazons reviews.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is a great practical gift for your pet, so that if they get sick or injured, then their vet bills are covered. My other site is on pet insurance,cause I was doing research on different companies, so shared my knowledge and what I learned. This site explains what companies are good, what to look for, and which company I think is the best.

An Easy gifts for dogs is a gift basket. Maybe you just want to get your doggy a nice gift basket and collection of treats and toys.

Choose from an assortment of Dog gift baskets

Dogs really do appreciate new toys and things that you get especially for them. They will certainly enjoy sleeping on a new comfy bed.

Purchase a new super comfy Dog Bed Brown

Our dog Patches LOVES his frisbee! This one is his favourite. If your dog is new to frisbees, or perhaps chews them, then check out our dog frisbee page to see which frisbee is most suitable for your dog.

Purchase our dogs favourite Floppy Disc Flyer

Glow in the dark balls are good for playing with your dog at night, particularly in the winter when the days are shorter and your dog might lose the ball in the snow. More time to play in the day makes happy dogs! Check out our page on other dog ball ideas.

Purchase a glow-in the dark dog ball

What's better than a regular frisbee? But a glowing one! Easy for your dog to see and chase at night means happy dogs that sleep well.

Check out the Glow in the Dark flying dog frisbee

Keep your dog busy with a random dispensing treat toy. Instead of chewing your stuff, they'll be trying to get the treats out of this toy. Fill it with your dogs regular food, so it's not getting super expensive high calorie treats.

Purchase the Petsafe Kibble nibble dispensing dog toy.

A great interactive toy that keeps your dog busy and using their brain to try and get the treat out.

Purchase the Planet Dog Maze


Keep your pooch warm during the winter or rainy season.

Warm Aran sweater for smaller or short fur dogs to give them that extra thickness and warmth. (I don't think it looks too tacky!)

Purchase the knit Dog Sweater

Dog boots are good if your dog gets snow stuck between their toes, or for salt that gets in their feet. It protects their open paws in the winter and if they can get used to wearing them, then they can help them.

Check out different Dog Booties to buy

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