Extra Large Dog Breeds

So the extra large dog breeds, or largest dog breed are the biggest dog breed we will detail. This type of breed might be very large, yet most are gentle giants.

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Great Dane

If you thought that finding large dog pens and large wicker dog beds was challenging, try finding an extra large wicker dog bed for the largest dog breed.

Our adorable extra large dogs need extra space, and though they are big on size, they are also are big on compassion.

The first in our list of extra large dog breeds is an African Boerboel is often confused with the Mastiff and Bulldog but they are unique and bred in Africa as a protector and working dog. Next in our list of extra large dog breeds is the Akbash looks so beautiful whith their snow white coat, yet make no mistake, they have been bred to be the undisputed leader of the pack.

If you are looking for the largest dog breed that loves children then the Akita is one of the perfect extra large dog breeds for the family and so is the American Bulldog. Just because the Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog is a rare breed, do not over look that they are smart and very accepting of families.

The Alaskan Malamute on the other hand is independent and may not listen to their owners on every occassion.

How can you not love the "Old Country Bulldog" otherwise known as the American Bulldog. They truly love their owners, sometimes to the point where they will do heroic acts to protect their owners. They are hard working and devoted canines. If you love Great Pyrenees dogs, then you will enjoy an Anatolian Shepherd as they closely resemble that very large breed. The Anatolian Shepherd are very loyal and are used as guardian dogs.

Moving into the extrat large dogs that begin with the letter "B" we first have the Beauceron. This wonderful breed dates back to the 16th century and is one of France's most beloved dog that is know for their leadership abilities amongst other animals that comes from their herding background.

One of the oldest working dogs is the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are beautiful with their black, brown and white coats and are as loyal as any breed out there. The sad part of this great breed is their life span is not as long as most so they must be relished even more every day.

Another popular extra large dog breed starting with the letter "B" is of course the Bloodhound. How many times have we seen this great breed in the movies tracking the criminals. The name Bloodhound is defined as "one who follows up with an enemy with tenacity". Also this breed is the only one whose evidence is admissable in an American court of law.

Here are the breeds of most of the remaining extra large dog breeds:

  • Fila Brasileilo
  • German Shepherd
  • Giant schnauzer
  • Great Dane
  • Great Pyrenee
  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Komondor
  • Kuvasz
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Mastiff
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Newfoundland
  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • Rottweiler
  • Saint Bernard
  • Scottish Derhound

Featured Extra Large Breed

African Boerboel

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 23-28in | Weight: 154-200lbs

Life Span: 12-15yrs | Litter Size: 7-12 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Large fenced yard for exercise.

Protective, Loving family dog, Loves children


Shedding: Moderate | Height: 28-34in | Weight: 90-130lbs

Life Span: 10-11yrs | Litter Size: 7 | Family Dog: No

Living Space: Bred in open areas and needs a lot of space.

Leader of the pack, herding dog, Energetic



Shedding: Moderate | Height: 24-28in | Weight: 75-120lbs

Life Span: 10-12yrs | Litter Size: 3-12 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Will adjust to different living conditions with exercise but prefers a large fenced yard.

Laid back temperament, Great family pet, Ideal for those who suffer from stress

Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 22-24in | Weight: 60-100lbs

Life Span: 12-15yrs | Litter Size: 4-8 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Can adjust to apartment and house living if properly exercised.

Good companion, Protective, Easliy trainable, Intelligent, Great with children

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

Shedding: Heavy | Height: 23-25in | Weight: 75-85lbs

Life Span: 12-15yrs | Litter Size: 5-6 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: An active breed who needs space.

Energetic, Intelligent, Needs exercise, Not a good guard because they are so trusting of peple

American Bulldog

American Bulldog

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 20-27in | Weight: 60-125lbs

Life Span: 10-15yrs | Litter Size: 6-16 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Needs to be outdoors in a fenced yard or on a farm.

One of the extra large dog breeds that is a loving family pet, great with children, very protective towards their owners

Anatolian Shepherd

Shedding: Heavy | Height: 26-30in | Weight: 90-150lbs

Life Span: 12-15yrs | Litter Size: 5-10 | Family Dog: No

Living Space: Not suited for apartment living rather they need a secure fenced yard.

A natural guard gos they can become possessive so early socialization is needed to get along with strangers.


Shedding: Moderate | Height: 24-28in | Weight: 80-100lbs

Life Span: 10-12yrs | Litter Size: 6-7 | Family Dog: No

Living Space: They have been herders so city living is not suitable.

Herding quality means they are the leaders, noble in character and they know it

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Shedding: Heavy | Height: 23-28in | Weight: 80-110lbs

Life Span: 6-8yrs | Litter Size: 8 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: They are so loyal they get upset when left outdoors for long periods but need the exercise. Dense urban areas are not good for this breed.

Very loyal, helpfult with family, Great temperament so they fit into any family.

Black Russian Terrier

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 25-29in | Weight: 80-143lbs

Life Span: 10-15yrs | Litter Size: 6-12 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Not a very active dog so they can live indoors makes it a large dog breed for apartment living.

Bred as an army dog they are good watchdogs that are even tempered that will tolerate most anything from their family.


Blood Hound

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 23-27in | Weight: 80-110lbs

Life Span: 10-12yrs | Litter Size: 8-10 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: This breed can live in an apartment because they do not mind being couch potatoes, but they do need exercise and having a yard is best for their health.

Loveable, Mild mannered, Patient, Very gentle with children, Good family dog



Shedding: Heavy | Height: 26-28in | Weight: 60-110lbs

Life Span: 10-13yrs | Litter Size: 1-10 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Larger dog that requires some space, but well exercised then can live in smaller space.

Quiet, Smart, Affectionate towards their owners, Fast and will explore


Bouvier Des Flandres

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 22-28in | Weight: 60-90lbs

Life Span: 10-12yrs | Litter Size: 6-10 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Large fenced yard, but can live in smaller areas if exercised.

Calm, Even tempered, protective of the herd, Bold, Fearless, Smart



Shedding: Moderate | Height: 24-27in | Weight: 100-133lbs

Life Span: 8-10yrs | Litter Size: 4-13 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Can live in an apartment if exercised and will not move around much indoors.

Courageous, Protective of family, Might run into children as puppies

Doberman Pinscher

Dobernan Pinscher

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 24-28in | Weight: 66-88lbs

Life Span: 8-12yrs | Litter Size: 3-8 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Prefers indoors as they are not very tolerant of cold weather, loves exercise..

Energetic, Alert, Loyal, Obedient, Fearless, Great watch dog, Loves their families

Dogue De Bordeaux

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 23-27in | Weight: 99-110lbs

Life Span: 10-12yrs | Litter Size: 9-10 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Best in rural or mlightly populated suburban areas.

Affectionate, Calm, Compassionate, Good with children, Do not let their size fool you

Estrala Mountain Dog

Shedding: Moderate | Height: 24-28in | Weight: 66-110lbs

Life Span: 9-14yrs | Litter Size: 8 | Family Dog: Yes

Living Space: Outdoors in moderate climates, but prefers to be indoors wit the family.

Natural protector, Loving family companion, Lots of patience with children, Alert

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