Best Dog Breed For Children

The best dog breed for children or the good dog breeds for children are some that may surprise you. So the best dog for kids depends on many factors.

The best dog breed for children or the good dog breeds for children are some that may surprise you. So the best dog for kids depends on many factors.

First we begin with tip #2 from best dog breeds for families , and that is what are the ages of your family currently and is the stork coming anytime soon with a new addition ? I say that because age is a big factor when it comes to raising a dog.

If you have all very young children, and are looking for the best dog breed for children, then you do not want a dog that needs strict training to be able to interact with the household.

Yet if you have older children, then you can get the higher maintenance dogs that can be trained properly on the rules of the house.

OK. Almost all of us remember growing up with a dog being part of the family. What child wouldn't want all that fun and companionship ?

But there are other important values that a child can learn while raising their furry companions.

  • Responsibility
  • Compassion
  • Learn to care for another living being

So the quiz has given you a few breeds that might be suited for the family.

Best Dog For Kids

(Young Children)

Typically the very young children need to be kept away from certain breeds like some of the smaller Terriers, except the Border Terrier, and Fox Terrier Smooth are exceptions to the rule which can be the case in any dog breed.

Your more high strung dogs like the Border Collies and Greyhounds are not the best breed for smaller children. Same with the high energy dogs that are part of the sporting, hunting or working breeds.

When your children are so little, the best dog for kids must have a mild temperament and be very trainable. So good dog breeds for children are not high strung.

The canines that do not belong in the good dog breed for children category include the Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher or Japanese Chin, just because those dogs are so small they can get hurt around younger children who do not know any better.

Some of the best dog breed for children are the Bichon Frise, Pug, Shetland Sheepdog and can be found in our list of small dog breeds .

Believe it or not the larger dogs are great with young children like the Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and the Bernese Mountain Dogs, because they have a mild temperament and are very tolerant of young children crawling all over them.

Good Dog Breeds For Children

(Grammar, Middle School Age)

So as we try and figure out the best dog breed for children let's take a look at the children that are in school and have a lot of energy. These children are maturing in size and age so they can handle the good dog breed for children like the Beagle, Bulldogs, Basset Hound, Labrador retriever, Old English Sheepdog, German Shepherd and Poodles because they are easily trained and are sensitive to proper behavior around children.

Children With Puppies

These are the best dog for kids because they can have their younger members of the family rough house with them and they do not get upset, but love playing with the children.

So one of the best dog breed for children of school age is the Great Dane because they are very loving of children and are ready to play with them, but not the real young children because they are so small and the Great Dane is so large.

One breed that is not the best dog for kids is the Anatolian Shepherd, because they are so independent, yet they were bred to protect their so it is not their fault.

Dog Breeds Good With Kids

(High School Age)

Now when the children are in high school they have a mind of their own, so there are not many breeds that do not fit in the best dog for kids category when they are in their teens. So the Border Collie, Boxer, Amstaff are dogs often picked by high schoolers.

Tips To Consider For Best Dog For Kids

Young Children: Smaller dogs are not a good fit because they can get hurt by accident.
Early School Age Children: Larger dogs that are play well by being tolerant of young kid's antics
High Schoolers: Macho or more intolerant canines will work besides those they had when they were in grade school.
Pure Bred Or Mixed Breed:With the pure breds you have a better understanding of their type of behavior. With a mixed breed you may not know right away what their temperament is but mixed breeds typically do very well with children because they are not inbred.

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