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You are part of the family, so try a dogs are family search to find what you are looking for. There is so much information on our site to help you with the four legged members of the family.

Did you visit our site previously and forget which great page had exactly what you were looking for?  Don't worry it happens to all of us....

But, I have a solution!

Search just this site, from this page in the search box below. Just enter any word or phrase into the search box below and click on the "Search" tab, it is that easy. 

For example - type in Frisbee, and all the pages with frisbee will show up in the results.

We also have our site map where you will find all our pages listed in one spot so you can easily move around our site! 

Are you looking for something free, or you are searching for a dog and need help. Have you thought about adopting a dog ? 

Please consider it first, because there are so many wonderful dogs that just need a good home like yours. 

Is your dog suffering from a health problem ? Go get some answers from any of the informative pages in our dog health section. 

Is your four legged friend in need of some training ? We have many FREE dog training pages that will help your canine behave. 

What dog doesn't like food ? Go and check out our dog food section to make sure you are feeding your dog good quality food so they remain healthy for many many more years. 

Happy searching!

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